10 Guilty Pleasure Tracks That We All Love

Dec 23 2017 BY Gerald Onyango

As you all know well, Bespoke’s music choices tend to be anything in or around hip-hop, R&B, soul, grime and all sounds that fit within that spectrum of genres. But here at Bespoke, we are very much normal people too; despite having such a particular palette for music. The latest topic within our WhatsApp group was love songs that make us feel emotional and this somehow led to us sharing our favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ tracks. By that, we mean songs that we deep down love but don’t often admit. So, lo and behold our favourite guilty pleasure songs! Hey, we all have them and we hope you enjoy ours.


10. Ronan Keating – If Tomorrow Never Comes


There’s something special about Irish singers; they have this unmatched quality of creating music that really hits your heart. There’s such a rawness in their vocals that then makes their storytelling so real. And that’s the case with Ronan Keating’s “If Tomorrow Never Comes” the song really makes you appreciate your loved ones whilst there still with you or similarly makes you miss them, even more, when things didn’t work out. I mean, I’m a big man but when this song comes on I’m an emotional mess.


9. Backstreet Boys – As Long as You Love Me


Okay, look past the song’s cheesiness, the song is actually really good, man. Backstreet Boys had a great run and whether you hated this song, you loved one of their many pop hits. This one makes it because of the backing vocals from Nick Carter, the guy was so smooth with the curtain haircut.


8. Travis – Rain on Me


Whenever I feel that nothing is going right for me on a certain day, I think of “Rain on Me” and it gives me a bittersweet feeling because it’s the saddest but most warm song I’ve ever heard. It’s the type of song that most can relate to when nothing seems to be going your way but ultimately you’ve got to be positive about life. For that reason, it makes it onto our list.


7. S Club 7 – Never Had a Dream Come True


Whether you were in primary school or secondary school when this one dropped you had to appreciate it. This is the only S Club 7 song that wasn’t overtly pop and bubblegum and actually seemed quite mature. Joanna really drove this song and got us all in our feelings in the early ’00s.


6. Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved


Maroon 5 are legends let’s get that straight first. Their debut album A Few Songs About Jane is one of the most iconic albums of the ’00s. The song that everyone loved even if you’re a lover of the hardest road rap song or deep EDM; you’ll love “She Will Be Loved” the song’s melody is so second to none and was so infectious coupled with Adam Levine’s distinctive vocals the song is a favourite for all.


5. Robbie Williams – Feel 


Robbie Williams is the best-selling artist in British music history and while he might not be everyone’s favourite artist, no one can deny Robbie Williams’ legacy. While a number of songs dominated the charts one song that didn’t get a lot of love but what was still an excellent song was “Feel”. The song saw a vulnerable and honest Robbie Williams- that we didn’t often see – over a ridiculously good melody that really hits you.


4. Gabrielle – Rise


If you listened to Heart FM during the ’00s then you undoubtedly remember this incredible ballad by Aunty Gabrielle. Most remember Gabby with her ’90s hit “Dreams” but in the ’00s she refined and dropped a string of ballads and “Rise” was the icing on the cake thanks to Gabrielle’s unique vocals and deep lyrics. Plus the choir on this song can make a man weep.


3. Savage Garden – Truly Madly  Deeply


Savage Garden are one of those groups whose name you don’t remember or the name of their songs but you remember every single word of their classic releases. “Truly Madly Deeply” is undeniably their biggest hit and is one of the cheesiest but most amazing songs ever that we all love on the low.


2. Westlife – Flying Without Wings


Here we are again with more Irish singers and arguably the biggest, in terms of pop boy bands, Westlife with their whopper of a track “Flying Without Wings”. This song is one that you don’t reveal your love for the song unless you’re inebriated or it comes on the radio and whoever you’re with starts humming the lyrics. The song is so cheesy, but it’s infectious and what really makes it a classic is Mark Feehily taking lead on the song, the guy’s voice is angelic, man.

1.Natalie Imbruglia – Torn


Find me one person who doesn’t like this song and I’ll hand you a fiver. Natalie Imbruglia’s music career wasn’t extensive but it didn’t need to be really, because “Torn” is a mammoth song that is loved across all generations. The guitar, the drums, the lyrics and of course her tasty vocals make this such a classic that we all know and love. When she goes “there’s nothing where we used to lie…” immediately feels enter our bodies.