Some Of The New Laws That Come Into Power in 2016 That May Affect You

Jan 4 2016 BY Eto Worchie

Some New Laws that come into power in 2016

Here a five new laws which will come into power in 2016, some of them could affect the way you live and work this year.


  1. Reporting gender pay gap in workplaces will now be compulsory.

As it stood companies would only have been obliged to reveal details on their pay gaps under their own accord, but a new legislation which unravel in 2016 will make it compulsory for them to disclose this information annually. The particulars are still being worked out but supporters of the legislation are negotiating to have employers share this information with workers and unions as opposed to being buried in an annual report.



  1. Minimum wage increase

As of April 2016, the minimum wage for workers over the age of 25 will increase to £7.20, the move is part of a plan to make the national minimum wage £9 by 2020, and is the biggest increase since 2007. Despite the rise, the minimum wage is still less than the estimated wage needed to live in London which stands at £8.25.


  1. Tougher immigration laws for working people.

As of April 2016, if you’ve come from outside the EU and have been working for more than 5 years, you must be earning more than £35,000 a year or you will be deported back to your country of origin. The Royal College of Nursing estimates nearly 3,500 nurses could be sent out of the country under the new legislation. This law is very volatile as the average national wage is £22,000.


  1. New flat-rate pension.

From April 2016, the flat rate pension paid will rise from £115.95 a week to £155.65 a week, but this change also means the secondary and additional pensions will be no more, people usually use those to top up the basic rate.


    5. smaller vapes and e-cigarettes

A new EU legislation means the maximum size of refill cartridges is now limited to 10ml and 2ml for the cartridge in the e-cig in use, the maximum nicotine strength will be 20mg.