5 Cool Holiday Spots to Visit for Under £100

Aug 2 2017 BY Jacinta Ruscillo

Disposable income is a distant luxury for most young professionals living in London, but it’s the last month of summer and with the weather like this, you could probably do with a holiday (albeit on a budget). Forget Ibiza and Dubrovnik – if you’re up for an adventure, we’ve rounded up 5 less common, but cool destinations in Europe with flights all under £100.



1. Bremen, Germany


It’s the second most populated city in Northern Germany, known for its age-old fairy stories and fables and a hub of aerospace science. With a monumental town hall, an aerospace museum with a zero-gravity “drop tower” and public open spaces and parks, Bremen is a cultural and industrial city at the mouth of the River Weser. In terms of climate, it’s not very warm so you probably need to bring your North Face.

Flights from £29 one-way

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Universum Bremen Aerospace Museum
  • Town Hall of Bremen (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Böttcherstrasse – a cute and quirky string of houses, shops, restaurants and museums, all built in the 1920s.


2. Basel, Switzerland


Sitting exactly where the French, Swiss and German borders meet, Basel is a cultural gem with over 40 museums including the famous Basel Art Museum, a beautiful Old Town and the river Rhine. Other than Zürich and Geneva, Basel is said to have the highest living standard in the world. For 18 quid to experience the best possible life in the world, you might as well try it.

Flights from £18 one-way

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Basel Art Museum
  • Zoological Gardens
  • The Rhine River Cruise


3. Toulouse, France

Only 100km away from the Spanish border, Toulouse gets all the finesse of being French mixed with the Latin warmth of the south. You can drink wine and eat cassoulet and tapas in a town made of terracotta, giving its nickname the “Pink City.” It’s also rich in art, history and science; a nice all-rounder without unbearable tourist congestion.

Flights from £33 one-way

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Place du Capitole (the city hall)
  • Marché Victor Hugo (an indoor food market)
  • GROUCHO at 39 (a vintage fashion boutique in the Old Town)


4. Bilbao, Spain


Maybe the least unusual of the list, Bilbao is of course home to the Guggenheim museum which is a must for art-lovers. If you’re not into art, there are things to do other than galleries. Renowned for its districts packed with bars and clubs, it’s a less obvious destination for anyone who loves partying. Don’t expect your A-Level in Spanish to help you though, natives speak Basque language and not a lot of English.

Flights from £59 one-way

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  • Santiago Cathedral, Plaza de Santiago
  • The Alhóndiga (a cultural and leisure space. Hosts exhibitions, concerts, cinemas, a swimming pool and lots of restaurants.)


5. Poznań, Poland


It’s known as the perceived capital of Greater Poland and is home to a large student population. Nearing the end of the month, term will be starting again so expect a thriving nightlife and plenty of all-night entertainment. It doesn’t disappoint with the culture either and has plenty of Renaissance-style buildings as well as Gothic and Baroque influences. There’s also a croissant museum which scores 74% excellent on Trip Advisor.

Flights from £58 one-way

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Old Market Square
  • Citadel Park in the city centre
  • St Martin’s Croissant Museum


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*Disclaimer: good weather not always guaranteed.