A Conversation with Jords

Oct 10 2017 BY Noha Omnya

Jords is a beast! Not only is his work ethic and determination to make his family proud inspirational, but he can also eat for England! Whilst chomping on a classic beef and cheese burger, sweet potato fries (he’s a big fan), fried shrimp, cheesy truffle fries and a LARGE peanut butter milkshake (yes he ate everything), Jords let me in on his future ambitions, his love of RnB music and what first got him singing.



‘Before We Begin’ is the latest musical instalment from Jords- an artist that isn’t afraid of breaking boundaries or whisking you to a place far far away. A significant step up from his debut album, I’d have to say that this latest EP is my favourite body of work of his to date. The production is on point and Jords is effortless in his lyrical delivery. If you haven’t done so already, give ‘Before We Begin‘ a listen and check out my interview with him below.