Ard Adz’s ‘In & Out’ builds anticipation for album release

Aug 12 2018 BY TP

With debut album ‘Adam’ scheduled to drop on 27th August 2018, Ard Adz has released the first single of the project, ‘In & Out’. The video is shot around London’s South Bank, cutting in images which hold meaning to Adz, most notably the album cover with his mother, fitting for an artist that wears his heart on his sleeve. Characteristically, on ‘In & Out’, he portrays his reality with visceral imagery that can at times border on horror with his depiction of violence, but simultaneously never fails to show his loyalty to those closest to him. Mentions of friends and his son are mixed with brutal messages to those that threaten him. His lyrics whilst crafted with an expertise built from years of hard work, are complex in the contradicting emotions they convey. However it’s Adz’s complexity that makes him so compelling to listen to – whilst his ability as a rapper is otherworldly, he is human with his flaws. This combined with the unerring consistency of his music, results in an artist that is authentic, and has no trouble in building anticipation for an upcoming album. Woven into the fabric of UK’s rap elite, Ard Adz is finally taking the step to cement his legacy, and with ‘In & Out’, we already have a taste of what’s to come.