Baby Driver Brings Offers a Fun and Fast-Paced Drama That You’ll Want to See

Jun 22 2017 BY Precious Ene

Edgar Wright brings us a fun and fast-paced heist movie with a cast bound for a great film. Baby Driver is filled with action and love and fast cars and sweet summer jams – the endless contrasts of hard and soft, dark and light make this an enjoyable picture for everyone. 

The movie follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a young and talented getaway driver who’s “power-up” is a soundtrack of classic tunes. Baby has been coerced into working for Doc (Kevin Spacey) and his team of robbers including Bats (Jamie Foxx), Buddy (Jon Hamm) and Darling (Eiza Gonzalez). Wright does not tell us when this film is set but quickly sets the tone by sticking to a certain era of music. Wright also cleverly sets the timeline using sleek and stylish cars and scenery. However, this isn’t as consistent as it could be. 


Wright managed to keep the pace of this movie throughout and kept viewers engaged with the subtle yet unexpected twists. The score was an incredibly important part of this movie and really led rather than supported the picture. I thoroughly enjoyed the routines where cast members would fight in time with the beat of the score – giving these scenes a musical style.  

I do feel that this movie kind of drove off a cliff toward the end – and Wright either lost his way, got bored or ran out of time. The ending of the movie felt very rushed and unanticipated – which some might say is a good thing, but for me, it just felt too random and threw me out of the flow of the film. I feel that the ending tried too hard to tie everything together and satisfy the viewer. However, I would not say that this significantly reduced my enjoyment of this picture. 


Elgort gave a typically good performance as the male lead – but I feel his acting is very middle of the barrel and he rarely pushes the boundaries. Given his age, I think he has a lot of development to do and I am definitely excited to see some more serious drama from him in future. Lily James was charming as ever in her all-American, girl-next-door glory. Kevin Spacey was…well…Frank Underwood, Jamie Foxx was, Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm was Don Draper who lost his job and needed to find another way to make it. However, these type-casts worked well here. 

Overall, I did enjoy this picture and its quirky originality, and it is bound to send viewers away satisfied. The cool script and fast cars provide great entertainment, but the slight lack of follow-through at the end brings this one down a notch. 

Starring: Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Jon Berthnal, Eiza Gonzalez and Kevin Spacey 

Director: Edgar Wright

Rating: 4/5