Blackhouse in Farringdon is a Place That Really Knows Their Steak

Jul 1 2017 BY Gerald Onyango

Your 20s are meant to be your exploring years, especially when it comes to food. We try and explore the most flamboyant and unique eateries to chalk off our ‘I’ve tried this’ list, but sometime’s it’s good to just go to a restaurant that focuses on simplicity and delivery. And Blackhouse in Farringdon, a restaurant that specialises in grill-cooked food was first erected in 2005 and has since expanded in the UK. We ventured to Farringdon for some quality meat on a Wednesday night.

What hits you first is how sophisticated Blackhouse is, it’s chic and minimalist decor evokes the feeling that it’s a place that is functional and, in that, a place that knows how to deliver their food. Settling into our booth, we began to enjoy the live acoustic vibes by the resident singer who croons classic songs on his piano. Understanding the menu and everything that sits on it is important to Blackhouse, where whoever is serving you will guide you through the menu and the history and science behind their food – particularly their steak. Their knowledge of the food gives you every bit of confidence in your meal.

For the starters, we shared some piri piri calamari and some sesame coated chicken skewers which came with some extremely tasty dipping sauces. Now I’m never one to exaggerate, but I can confidently say the piri piri calamari is by far the best calamari I’ve eaten in my 20 plus years. Its crispy coating combined with the piri piri flavour is the real secret to its taste, if you ever get the chance to go to Blackhouse, this is a compulsory purchase. The chicken skewers too were a great addition, particularly as its dipping sauce as it comes with some prawn crackers which elevate the flavours of the starter. Their wine options are vast with their staff being very clued up on their wine list. Their white wine options are certainly worth a try particularly their Pinot Grigio, Ponte del Diavolo which has a very refreshing taste to it.


Given we were at a grill market and given we had a long and thorough spiel on the various types of steak that Blackhouse offered it was non-agreeable that we had anything other than beef for our main. With the recommendation from the staff, we choose the Australian Aberdeen Black Fillet – its origin in Australia is the best climate for the production of the finest livestock. The steak comes with an option of thick cut chips or mashed potato. We also got the Blackhouse Beef burger with bacon that’s served on a seeded pretzel bun with thick cut chips & a tomato relish. The steak which I had cooked medium, was ridiculously tender and the texture was perfect for a steak and is chewy but not excessively chewy as it’s easy to digest. The blue cheese sauce complimented the steak’s flavours extremely well – I highly recommend you couple your steak with this sauce. The burger was large but not overwhelming with the right amount of veg and is well cooked without it being burnt even when you ask for it be cooked well done like we did. The thick cut chips were surprisingly very tasty, despite the fact I’m not a huge fan of thick cut chips, they were crunchy but still soft enough to chew. All in all the mains were a delectable treat thanks to Blackhouse’s vast knowledge and experience in cooking the best steak-based meals.

For dessert, we had the Rich Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pot that comes with Chocolate cornflake Florentines and also had Coconut Bakewell Tart that came with Vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce. Now I’m not on dessert but the coconut Bakewell tart was the perfect choice after a heavy meal, the ice cream melts on the warm tart and together create an irresistible taste. The chocolate pot is for chocoholics as the taste is very rich but one that real chocolate fans will adore.

In sum, Blackhouse is a place that knows it’s food and know’s it extremely well, if you want to eat somewhere that delivers then this is certainly the place.