Which of These Brands are You Saying Incorrectly?

Apr 19 2018 BY bespokemag

In the lead up to English Language Day YouTube have done a little reveal on Brits and our use of the Queen’s English – and it turns out we’re turning our backs on it. New research shows that some 54% of us aren’t confident with our spelling and grammar skills.


In fact, some 94% of us believe there’s been an overall decline in the correct use of English language. The most common errors are made up of spelling mistakes (21%) followed closely by apostrophe placement (16%) and the misuse of commas (16%).


There’s an apparent appetite to fix this however. Since April 2017 there’s been a 126% jump in the views of videos which centre around English language lessons. In March 2018 alone, one hundred and fifty six videos on the subject have been uploaded onto YouTube for the world to view.


Here’s a look at one of the videos we found most helpful. How many of these are you saying wrong?