Brixton Village’s Senzala Creperies is a Cute Brazilian-Dinging Experience

Mar 7 2018 BY bespokemag

Brixton Village for some time now has been a great spot for unique eateries.  While we’re no stranger to the village, we had never been to Senzala Creperie a cafe and bar that specialises in sweet and savoury Brazilian-inspired Crepes. Walking into Senzala you immediately take in this art-filled spot where their walls are a constantly changing exhibition, so you can never find yourself being tired of the decor. You can even get in touch with Senzala to have your work featured on their well-decorated walls. The cafe is family run and you really get this family vibe as soon as you walk in.


We were told the history of The Senzalas which were slave houses for plantations and farms in Brazil from the 16th to 19th centuries. And it was The Senzalas that much of Brazilian culture developed, such as Capoeira and popular dishes like Feijoada stew.  And with this in mind for our starters, we had Churrasco which is a Brazilian speciality of grilled beef steak strips with tomato vinaigrette, guacamole, parmesan, rocket lives and grilled bread. It was ridiculously yummy even if you’re a part-time was nice even for a part-time vegetarian like myself.  We also tried the bruschetta trio – grilled bread with tomatoes onions and green pesto, mixed vegetables with guacamole and goat cheese with pequillo peppers the latter was our favourite of the three despite neither of us liking Goat’s cheese.



For our mains, we had a Spaniard Galette – cheese, chorizo, red onions, baby spinach with a fried egg on top – and a side of salad. For myself, I, of course, asked for the meatiest option, and our host Leo, recommended the Gaucho Che Galette- steak strips, cheese, white onions, courgette, red pepper, vinaigrette, biquinho peppers and an egg on top again with a side salad. Both were very flavoursome, more flavoursome than we had expected and were equally very filling. Big foodies will love their generous quantities.


While Senzala is of British background their menu also includes some items which have less of a Brazilian flair and more of a British flair i.e. their meal offering Full Morning Glory – which is essentially a Full English breakfast in a crepe/galette, through to cajun king prawns. For tooth lovers their sweet crepes and galettes are freshly made with fresh fruit you can even see the fresh fruit hanging from baskets and found in crates as soon as you enter the restaurant – which is used in a lot of the sweet crepes, with many including banana, apples and strawberries.


The cafe opens from 10am and closes at 11pm and is filled with character, life uplifting spirit and embodies the culture and heritage of Brazil through a signature French cuisine. We recommend here for a party of 2 who are keen to try their hands at eating Brazilian food.