Brunch is the Best Way to Get Lit and Barrio Do Them Well

Aug 3 2018 BY bespokemag

If you’re in your mid-20s like me, you’re getting to that stage in your life where the late-night partying is starting to cause you major problems. The rush to down your bottle in time to get into the club, followed by the copious amounts of shots you’re downing at the bar which later culminate in the worst hangovers that leave you finished on Sundays and creep into your Monday in the office. Well, there are smarter ways of being inebriated that allow you to have a full nights sleep and plus involves food. Yes, that is of course brunch, not only brunch but bottomless brunch and Barrio quirky bar & restaurant are leading on the list of best brunch spots in London.





We recently ventured to the Barrio in Brixton that can be found in Brixton’s iconic Acre Lane. The Peruvian-themed bar is a colourful, vibrant and eclectic spot that is both suited for day and evening enjoyment. Their Brunch Club food options will be ceviche lovers’ dreams with Guac & Chips, Avacado A Cabello, Salmon and much more. With Brunch drink options ranging from Bloody Marias (Bloody Mary), Cava and Margaritas. At Barrios, you can pick one food dish and 90 minutes of bottomless drink. We recommend you try their guac and chips with some Cava, it’ll have you feeling good for a bit of day drinking. Whilst we still have the heatwave, we highly recommend you head down to one of Barrio many locations across the city and try their Brunch.

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