BULLDOG Gin & Notion Magazine Team For Notion’s 80th Issue Launch With Awful Records

Jul 9 2018 BY bespokemag

The Awful records crew are in town this Thursday, curating a lineup featuring Father, Danger Inc. and Big Baby Scumbag for Notion Magazine’s 80th issue launch.

With early beginnings as a club zine in the mid-90s, Notion’s roots have been firmly planted in music and popular culture; reporting from the front lines of new movements, Notion have accompanied some of the most inspiring musicians and visionaries on their rise to global success. This Thursday sees them demonstrate more of the same as they partner with BULLDOG Gin for a night to remember. Guests will be able to sip on the BULLDOG G&T, Supersonic G&T and the Turbo T&T.

The new teaming sees BULLDOG & Notion marry up to deliver quarterly issue launches, bi-annual seasonal events and more. Good music and drink to be expected.



Editors Notes

BULLDOG had a vision to create a modern gin.

To do so, it partnered with G&J Greenalls, the world’s oldest continuous gin distillery and crafted something that appealed to the modern white spirits drinker and the result was a smooth, balanced gin with multiple layers of flavour for maximum mixability.

Using the best quality British wheat and water BULLDOG starts with delivers a smooth, citrus forward, balanced spirit. The precise layering of twelve botanicals are sourced from carefully selected growers; lavender, white poppy, dragon eye and lotus leaves give BULLDOG its layer of distinction building on a complex base blend of liquorice, almond, orris and cassia juniper, angelica, coriander and lemon.

With its iconic black gloss bottle and distinctive citrus forward flavour profile, BULLDOG is winning the hearts of gin and vodka lovers across the globe.

BULLDOG was founded in New York in 2007 by ex-banker and entrepreneur Anshuman Vohra and it was acquired by Campari Group on 2017