Burna Boy releases visuals to the brilliant ‘Ye’

Aug 7 2018 BY TP

Versatile Nigerian artist, Burna Boy, has dropped the video to arguably one of the best tracks on his ‘Outside’ album, ‘Ye’, and it does not disappoint. A dark setting illuminated by carefully placed strip lighting is Burna Boy’s choice of platform to illustrate a grandiosity and opulence that is conveyed in his excellent song. Instead of being braggadocious, there is an elegance that permeates the visual, from the fashion choices to the grace and control of the models. He describes ‘Ye’ as being “a song that essentially shows the unrelenting nature of Nigerians”, and although he shows the results of what could be attained (“G Wagon or the Bentley?”), it is tempered with the element of struggle in the Fela Kuti inspired pre-chorus. Regardless, the song itself is a masterpiece, with the sumptuous sample of Nelly’s ‘Body On Me’ utilizing more viscous keys and Burna Boy’s falsetto adlibs providing a backdrop for his melodic message of aspiration in the face of adversity. Check out the video below now: