A Chat With UK Music Pioneer, Charlie Sloth

Jul 29 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

There are very few DJ’s in the UK that have achieved the accolades that Charlie Sloth has. From starting off as a DJ to now being one of the biggest pioneers of UK underground music. His brand is spearheaded by his viral content series Fire in the Booth that recently saw Drake drop a freestyle on the acclaimed booth. Ahead of Foot Locker’s Marble Arch store opening, we caught up with Sloth talking Drake, the UK scene and his favourite trainers.


Tell us how the Drake Fire in the Booth came about and what do you think it can do for UK music?


We had been speaking for a while to get the right date, it happened really quickly, we got the date, and then made it happen. Drake’s commitment to the UK music scene is helping artists gain worldwide recognition and I believe 2019 will be the year that we see a UK rapper fully cross over into the US Market as a number 1 artist.


With that in mind, where do you think Drake’s Fire in the Booth ranks among the best and what do you think the best ever one is?


I can’t pick the best Fire In The Booth (FITB). I pick moments for when I think a FITB fits, if I feel I want a conscious FITB I would pick a MIC Righteous FITB, If I want a pure energy FITB I would pick a Giggs or a Wretch for example.
There is so many great FITB I can never pick a favourite as each one represents a different vibe.


You’ve now become a huge personality and more known for being on the radio. But do you miss actually DJing and do you think the skill of DJing has been lost somewhat?


I did over 250 gigs last year, this year is shaping up to beat that. I am never going to stop DJing, it’s part of who I am and part of what makes my brand.


Which artists are you co-signing to be huge during the second half of this year and 2019?

Every week on my show I have the newest up and coming artists and pick them as my track of the week.
My stage at Wireless had some of the newest artists that had 10,000 people singing along to their tacks. The likes of M Huncho, Romzy, DBlock Europe and Ambush. Then DJ vets like Cameo launching huge new tracks for summer, the list is endless.


You’re big on your fashion, what is your all-time favourite pair of trainers?


I have so many, my collection runs deep. I have classic Jordan’s, Adidas, Nikes, and an insane designer shoe collection. I was at the Foot Locker Marble Arch opening last week, and spotted a pair of new edition black high top Air Jordan 10s which I’d been wanting to get my hands on. I decided to get two pairs, one to keep in my collection, and one to wear daily. But I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite, the choice is too crazy.