A Chat With UK’s Latest New Star ZieZie

Jun 13 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

With the growth of the UK afroswing and afrobeat soon growing steadily by the day, we wanted to chat to one its fastest up and coming artists, ZieZie. The Croydon-artist has been making serious moves this past year with his hit Fine Girl being one of this year’s biggest bangers. We caught up with him talking about his sound, Croydon and 2018. Read it all here below.


Firstly, congrats on your hit “Fine Girl”, tell us how you got into music?

I just felt like there were a time and place for me to come into music, so I was working on my own sound before I really released anything. When I felt like I had found my own sound I booked a session in a studio that my next-door neighbour had hooked up and recorded my first song called Shorty and saw the reaction I got!

It just seemed to determine the outcome I got for my future in the music industry – positive!


Your sound seems to a be a mixture of Afrobeat/swing – tell us about your sound and how your Congo heritage has had a hand in your music?

My heritage… I feel like I need to be that person to big up my country and make sure I always stand out by sounding and repping where I’m from. So, I make sure I always interpret a lot of Lingala and French into my music so people can exclude me from other artists; so I’m not compared. I’m versatile. I put melodies on beats that may be classed as Afroswing, but I wouldn’t class myself as Afroswing, because if you hear what I’m doing with the melodies and songs over the beat, it doesn’t feel like what everyone else is doing.


Credit: Ashley Verse


What do you think about the state of UK music at the moment and how do you think it can become more global?

Right now the UK scene is popping! I think the thing that will help us going toward that global scale which we’re already seeing is more collabs and more features that you wouldn’t expect from us! That would make us definitely get bigger and more global!


If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Tory Lanez, because I feel like me and him would make a banger of a song and I love the way he flows on a beat and i feel like we would flow well, us together.


Lastly, what should we expect from you in 2018 and the foreseeable future?

A whole variety of bangers, not just one type of genre or sound but a variety of sounds. I got a couple remixes of Fine Girl and then I’ve been teasing a lot of new music on my Instagram. I’ve been locked in the studio for half of this year just making records, there’s a locker full but it’s exciting and I can’t wait to get them out.


Would love to know why you think there’s such a buzz right now from Croydon and so many artists and people doing great stuff from Croydon right now?

I think it’s just the energy of Croydon, we see more and more people from here doing great things and I think that inspires more people from the area to believe they can go out and get it. It’s a domino effect on everyone. Everything is a balance, positive and negative and this is the positive side of things!