A Conversation with Grime producer, Rude Kid

Apr 2 2017 BY Noha Omnya

Producer, DJ, & KISS Presenter, Rude Kid is a talented individual fully immersed in all things music. He’s come a long way from having his music being played on Radio XL- his school’s radio station. Having worked with the likes of Wiley, Skepta, Giggs, & of course Ghetts, Rude Kid has shown that his production skills are not to be messed with and that he’s the go-to producer if you’re looking for a dirty Grime beat. His new single ‘Banger After Banger’, which features Ghetts, is another reminder that Rude Kid (who’s not rude at all I must say) has perfected the levels of hype and rawness a beat needs in order to make it a ‘banger’. I had a change to speak with Rude Kid on a number of topics: including his inspirations, his relationship with Ghetts, & his love for ‘Prison Break’. Check out the interview below or listen to the full podcast:


Noha: You’ve inspired me to do a game with you. Your song, Banger After Banger, my game, Banger or Flop. I’m going to say something and if you like it it’s a ‘Banger’. If you don’t like it it’s a flop. 

Rude Kid: Alright cool I like this!

First one, the new £1 coin


Banger, I like it. It’s just new

So were you here for the new £5 note?


Yeah I don’t mind it. The old fiver once it’s wet it’s gone. I like new things though. I’ve been looking at the same £1 coin for years.


Next one, sushi…


I don’t mind the sushi from Tesco, but proper sushi is a flop. I will never eat raw fish.


Next one, tattoos…


Nah, flop. I’ve got no tattoos. I’m the type of guy to get a tattoo and then be like f**k what did I do.


Next one, boys in skinny jeans…


These are skinny jeans (touches his jeans). Banger man. These are stretch skinny jeans. Never girls skinny jeans, just boys.


Swag is on point, I like it. And the last one on my list, girls with half their hair shaven off…


I’m not sure. See for me Cassie is the pengest girl. Cassie is my type. Anyone looking like Cassie, YEAH!


If she’s No.1, who’s number 2 & 3? Give me a spectrum here


Do you know who I like and it’s a weird one. So there’s Cassie & I also like Holly Willoughby. But Cassie for me is No.1. Enough said!


Now I want to talk to you about 653. Now I heard you made that in 6 days. Please explain to me your work ethic because you’re motivating me right here


When we did 653 I came from a place where I was lazy & lost my hunger. That brought my hunger back. Cuz see Ghetts, Ghetts work rate, like he’s in the studio now, he finishes at 10pm, he’s going to get here for 10:30pm, and he’s got a shoot tomorrow. I’ve got to work double harder than him.


So did he motivate you to just bang it out?


Kind of. Because there’d be times where I’d be like ‘ahh I’ve got to wake up and go studio’. Because we had 6 days to make the thing, and don’t forget we had to make the videos as well. So we did 3 videos. So what we’d do, he’s be recording down here & I’d go upstairs and have a meeting with Relentless. I’d be in the meeting talking because I’ve done the beats. Ghetts will be here, then I’m come down and say ‘Ghetts I don’t like this, the chorus, let’s change it’. We’ll have bare arguments because Ghetts will be like ‘what do you mean this chorus is sick’. There was a time we didn’t talk for 2 days. So we were in the studio but we weren’t talking. So he blames me for that because I kept it on for so long.


So you were the stubborn one…


Kind of. Because he was being stubborn with me so I was like f**k that I’m gonna be stubborn today. We’d be in the studio working and I’d be like ‘yeah, sounds good’. But that was very new. We’ve learnt each other now


 So there were no arguments with Banger After Banger?


No there weren’t. We’ve got the formula so let’s do it.


You’ve gone most of your work with Ghetts do you feel like people have kind of niched you in?


The tunes that have started popping have been with Ghetts and that’s made us more in the limelight. It’s just made people think like f**k these guys are sick at what they do.


Now you’re there in the studio and you’re trying to drop beats. What needs to be around you? Do you need your J20, or are you wearing your lucky pants?


Nothing. I’m not one of them guys. I’ll go in the studio straight. Whenever my brain goes bam I’m there. You get that confidence in you.


Do you ever get scared that you’ll get writer’s block?


I’ve had that. That’s why I don’t force myself to make beats.


So do you carry with you a recorder?


No this is what I do. Ok, for example, I just did  a remix for Wilkinson, I was listening to the acapella in the car, driving, and then I’ll start humming things around the acapella. I’ll create that on the computer. If a label send me a remix job, if I’m not vibing off the original I won’t do it.


I want to talk a little bit about your family. Being Asian, do you feel like Asian culture seeped into your music?


Maybe the skips in the drum. Like I’m a proud Asian but no one really knows. Yeah there’s influences there- a little bit. Do you know what though, I’ve never labeled myself as an Asian producer. I’ve done interviews on Asian Network and they say ‘Rude Kid’ the Asian producer, and I’m like ‘no’. You don’t go to a black guy or a white guy and say they’re a white producer or a black producer. They’re just a producer. Don’t me in a bracket & call me that, I’m leveling with everyone else. Look at me as a producer, like the Asian thing is sick why is that label there. I’m not a believer in the label, I feel like I’ll be stuck in a box.


What about your GCSEs?


Ah I was shit man!


Apparently, you missed an exam because you were playing tunes…


You’ve been doing your research. I didn’t miss it I nearly missed it. I remember this, I remember being at my school’s local radio station, Radio XL, and I was just there playing tunes in the zone, not looking at the time. So when I looked at the time the exam was on now. I made it only because I was cool with the teacher. She let me in. Like teachers hated me. I remember going to my school and teachers telling my dad like ‘yeah, he’s a failure’. In school I think my head was somewhere else, and sometimes I wish I could just go back and study and do my thing.


You’re fully immersed in music: you’re DJ, you’re a producer, you’re presenting at KISS, what do you do as your chill time?

I do music 24/7. I watch Eastenders & Netflix like come on.


What’s your favorite Nextflix programme?


Let me tell you of all time, Prison break & Breaking Bad. For me Prison Break, every episode was mad! I’ve seen it 4 times. Prison Bread for me is the coldest.


Now your name Rude Kid, by sitting here talking to you I can say you’re not rude at all…


Yeah everyone says that. I just like the same, it’s from school. There was a thing I used to use on my beats, as well as the ‘are you ready?’ there was a ‘Rude Kid productions’ that my cousin did for me. He did like a ‘Rude kid productions’ on my old beats.


You’re DJ, Producing, you’re flying around in Texas, but what’s next for Mr Rude Kid?


Putting out more great music- singles! This year I’m doing mad shows. I’ve just got loads of shows. I want to work with people who are sick. I’ll like to work with someone that you’ll never expect me to work with. I love surprising people.


Now to round off we’ve got one more game. You’ve made a beat, you’ve got 3 artists that are all gunning for that beat. One of them you’re going to call to give them the beat, the other one you’re to text and tell them they’re gonna be the next beat, and the last one you’re going to air. You’ve got Giggs, Wretch 32, & Tempa T.


Jheez! I’ll call Giggs- Giggs is cool. I will avoid Tempta T, and I’ll text Wretch because I’ve never worked with him before. I think working with Wretch would be interesting because I’d have to make a different beat. I know what kind of beat I think Tempa T would want, but I think working with Wretch would be a challenge.


Well, you smashed this interview; it’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you. It’s been one of my favourite.


I love that, thank you.


Check out the video for ‘Banger After Banger’ here: