A Conversation with South London’s Hottest Newcomer, Ramz

Dec 26 2017 BY Noha Omnya

Firstly, I’d like to highlight that Ramz is not from Barking, he’s actually from Mitcham (I’m as shocked as you are)! Ramz let me on this epic revelation alongside many others when I interviewed him about a week ago. We touched on an array of topics including baes (or lack of), Coco Jones (google is your friend) and KFC trips. With ‘Barking’ sitting pretty in the Top 20 UK Singles Chart and with the music video receiving over 7 million hits on YouTube, it’s clear to see that Ramz isn’t here to play games. Check out the interview below:

Noha: First off, any siblings?


Ramz: Yeah, younger and older.


Ooo so you’re the middle child. Does that mean you’re the confused kid?


Oooo (laughs). Sometimes confused especially with girls. That’s a story for another day.


Favourite colour?




Favourite food?


Chicken. Jerk.


Are you actually from Barking?


Nah I’m from South.


So where’s the best place to eat jerk chicken in South?


My mum’s house.


2Pac or Biggie?


Oooo Biggie!


And what’s your worst trait?


Ahh, leaving the toilet door open. I just go in sit down, and it’s just wide open (laughs). I don’t know it’s just comfy, it’s my house.


Last fire question… name your celebrity crush


Oh, what’s her name? I’ve got to find her. I know I have some screenshot of her. She’s a singer. I’ve got to search it up (searches). I was on her from Disney channel movies and she just glowed up. Coco Jones! (laughs)


I’m going to tag her in this interview. Now we’re going to get into Barking. You’ve already confused me because you’re not from Barking. So, where are you from?


Ramz: South London, Mitcham.


Why not write or sing about Mitcham?


There’s nobody in Mitcham at all. There’s not really that potential in Mitcham.


But there’s potential in Barking?




Have you seen it?


Yeah (laughs). I’ve seen it. There’s not a lot but there’s like… it was good enough for me.


So your song is actually based on a real-life story?


Yeah, real life.


And is Barking bae still bae?


I speak to her but it’s not like… it’s a little thing on the side.


So you’re single has been huge! What has been the highlight of your career so far?


I think going on tour with Lotto Boyz. We started in November. That was very good.


And now on GRM Daily your video has nearly 7 million views. Did you know that the song was going to be as big as it is now?


Nah, cuz this was like freestyle at first. When I listen to it now, what I done to it, like I pat myself on the back. I made it into a proper song from the freestyle.


How long did it take you to build into a proper song from the freestyle?


It didn’t take me too long. Like an hour. The verse I just free-styled that aswell, and then changed it again to make sure everything was right.


So basically if it only took you an hour to write a crazy UK banger I’m guessing there’s a folder of all these tracks that are yet to be released?


Yeah. The folder is getting big now. If I sorted out all my tracks I could like release an EP with 6 tracks.


Release date?


(Laughs) Nah not yet.


You’ve written a song about Barking even though I’ve now learnt that you’re not from Barking. So I’m going to give you a test about Barking. I’m going to drop statements about Barking and you have to tell me if it’s ‘fact’ or if it’s ‘false’.


Alright (laughs).


The first statement… Barking’s railway station opened in 1854


I’m gonna say fact


Correct! You’ve done your research. Next one, the name Barking comes from the Anglo-Saxon work ‘barkus’


False. I know about my town you know (laughs).


Yeah! Alright third one, Barking was voted the worst place to live in the UK in 2015


That’s definitely a fact!


Yeah that’s true. And the final one, footballer John Terry is from Barking




It’s a fact. 3 out of 4 though, you done well! So it’s safe to say ‘Barking’ has been a huge success. Do you feel pressure with the next track you’re going to release?


Erm sometimes I walk up and think I’m too comfortable. But then I think there is a song that will do really well, whether it’s the second song I release or the third song, but I know once of them will do very well.


And are these tracks coming in 2017 or 2018?


I’ve actually got 2 songs dropping this year. One is a feature and one is by myself. This month.


Exciting stuff! So what genre would you say best describes the music you’re releasing?


Can you say up-beat is a genre. Ramz’s genre to be honest.


Is there a particular song that you heard when you were younger that made you want to get into music?


50 Cents ‘Many Men’. That song there had me thinking ‘yeah this guy is wicked I want to be like him’. I had my hat and I put my bandana under the hat and stuff (laughs).


You’ve been Cadet’s show, you’ve been touring everywhere, have you felt a moment where you’re like ‘wow I’m actually famous’?


I don’t like to say I’m famous, I just like to say my face is known to the public.


But apparently you still use the bus and train?


Yeah. But I tend not to leave my house when it’s busy. I think I actually deeped the moment when I was in KFC the other day and I just took off my hood randomly. I saw a kid and next minute there was just a flood of kids and they flooded me. That’s where I order my KFC from all the time so I think it just made me realise that I can’t even go KFC.


I’ve also heard that after you perform at a gig you go in with the crowd?


Yeah. Sounds weird but I like to just go into the main area and watch it from there. I’m still human. I feel the show is better from there. I feel like backstage is for if you just like your personal space.


Are there any UK artists that you look to for inspiration?


Erm it would be right to say my friend Dave. We’re very close. He’s someone who’s helped me a lot. We’ve had numerous conversations talking about what you’ve got to do in music.


Are there any artists from either Barking or South that you think that we should be aware of?


There’s one person in South- 169. He actually produces for Dave. If you want to talk about a guy that can sync melody with fast pace- it’s him.


Will he be featuring on your future EP?


100%. It’s somebody I definitely ewant to work with.


I’ve read that you’ve never been to Winter Wonderland…


Never- you know I haven’t actually been to a lot of places. Everyday I’ve been out I’ve been recognized so Winter Wonderland is a bit of a stretch.


(Laughs). Ahh you’ve missed your chance. And on the Christmas note, what’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?


I think it was a bag and this bag was just a rubbish bag so I just gave it away. I gave it to somebody else. And then I’m pretty sure they came and saw the person with the bag, and that’s when my head was spinning.


We can clearly see from the lyrics to your some that you’re a dedicated guy waking up at 7am… do you have any advice for the guys out there that are trying to impress that special lady?


Don’t take advise from me (laughs).


What’s next on the cards for you?


More features- bit weary about that though so it’s gonna be selective with people that I feel would make an impact. Couple more singles and hopefully an EP this time next year.


Nice! I’m from North Acton so I was wondering if you’d do a North Acton song?


Yeah why not (laughs).


Well it’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you!


Thank you very much!


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