Corbyn vs The Establishment – A Social Media Fightback

Jun 7 2017 BY Tanveer Bhatti

Photo Credit: @_JamJams
Tomorrow, on the 8th of June, the 60% or so of us who bother to vote will go to the polls again for the third time in as many years.

Those who inherited the spoils of ‘Brexit’ warned against a repeat referendum to change the result. Yet, less than a year later, the woman who promised not to call an election has called an election.

Even by its own low standards, trust in politics is in crisis. And yet, it affects us all more than it has since Thatcher’s early administrations.

We are all suffering the economic consequences of triggering Article 50. Even if you do not work in an industry trading in Europe, the downward pressure on the UK market has decimated economic growth. In this climate, most companies are reluctant to give any pay rises and many have a freeze on hiring.

Pandering to UKIP since 2014, the Tories are throwing away free movement of Labour to pretend to hit arbitrary immigration targets. They are politicising atrocities to remove our European human rights. Their deliberate under-funding of the NHS is ripe for selling it to their donors and families at an undervalued price, like Royal Mail.

But perhaps the saddest part is that so little of this is covered because we have one of the least pluralist media industries in Europe.

It is a scary state of affairs. I am often asked if a Labour government could change things. In my opinion, the deeper problems cannot be solved in a single election, but Theresa May has unwittingly handed us a golden opportunity.

The history of Westminster is certainly worth celebrating. However, the entrenchment of our institutions, and recent gerrymandering, have shored up an establishment resisting change and leaving the young generation disenfranchised.

This has been evident in how Jeremy Corbyn has had to appease career politicians in his party by appointing broad church cabinets and compromising on manifesto policies. However, he remains our best hope of changing the establishment. It is great news that other progressive parties such as the Greens have stood aside to help Labour gain seats, and even Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP have spoken positively of a Corbyn spurred Labour future.

If the polls are to be trusted, he is still highly unlikely to secure a majority, but then again the polls did predict a coalition in 2015 and Remain in 2016, oh and there’s Trump.

Every percentage point increase in polling for Corbyn is a victory for social media over the mainstream media. Uniquely for a politician, he has a proven track record of standing up for his beliefs. Westminster will try to stop him, but if anyone can hold his own, it’s Corbyn. In this crazy world we currently live in…you never truly know.