DC Extended Universe Get it Right With New Wonder Woman Film

Jun 5 2017 BY Precious Ene


DC flesh out the Justice League universe with an introduction to Wonder Woman, her origins and her uniquely awesome fighting style. Growing up I never had any appreciation for this character and had always taken the view that her character was just there to supply some eye candy amongst all the steel and armour.

I now have a new found affinity towards Wonder Woman and I’m sure this movie will get several browny points from all the young feminists out there. The trailer for the movie did cause a bit of controversy as it gave equal screen time to Wonder Woman and her male love interest – enforcing the idea that women can’t really do anything great on their own…say lead an entire superhero movie. However, the movie does well to correct this fallacy.

This Origin story follows Princess Diana of the Amazons, played by Gal Gadot, through her early years. We see Diana grow to be a rebellious and courageous Amazonian warrior – the best of her kind. The Island where Diana grows up is secluded and hidden from Mankind with a magic barrier. There are no men on the island and no technological advancements – no internet, no weapons etc. The Islanders are none the wiser to the tragedies of the world war and live in blissful peace until Diana accidentally breaks the barrier.


Jenkins allowed the CGI in the film to appear more “video game style” than in Batman or Superman, which I did not enjoy. I am surprised Jenkins was chosen to direct this movie, and this is her first superhero film – and it shows. I felt the fighting scenes were over edited and over dramatised, which pulls this movie away from the rest of the DC universe.

Gal Gadot was cast very well for the role – however, her acting could have been stronger at times. I think her looks and the charming accent carried her a long way through this film – but Jenkins did a good job of not over-sexualising the character. Chris Pine was a good supporting lead and provided much-needed momentum and pace throughout the film. On the other hand, I felt like his character would have been easily replaceable. The cast included an array of strong female characters, namely Antiope, played by Robin Wright – one of my favourite “strong women” of this century.

Overall, Wonder Woman was very entertaining and enjoyable. It does provide a refreshing burst of light energy to the bleak and self-loathing DC Universe we are subject to in Man of Steel and Batman. However, I do not think it deserves quite all of the praise if has received, due to the many imperfections mentioned above.

Rating: 3.5/5 

Director: Patty Jenkins 

Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis and Danny Huston