Ditching Sky Sports and BT Sport Could Save Fans Enough money to buy a Season Ticket at Premier League Clubs

Jun 5 2017 BY bespokemag

05th June: A subscription to both Sky Sports and BT Sport costs more than a season ticket at 19 of the Premier League’s 20 football clubs in the season just gone, suggesting ardent football fans could get better value for money next season by going to the games of their favourite team.


The monthly cost for a Sky Sports bundle is £49.50 (and includes basic Sky channels), while adding BT Sport costs an extra £23 a month – bringing the total annual subscription cost to around £870 a year for people with both packages.



According to research from Freesat, only one season ticket out of all 20 Premier League clubs last term cost more – Arsenal (£1,014). The annual cost is also more than three times as expensive as the most reasonably priced Premier League season ticket, which comes from West Ham at £289. Other cheaper options include Manchester City (£299) and Stoke (£294).


To put this comparison into perspective, an avid Stoke City fan would have paid £870 in TV subscriptions to watch their team on TV live just eight times last season – that’s £109 per match. For the same sum of money (£870), fans could have bought a Stoke season ticket (£294), meaning they could physically attend 19 Premier League home games, and still have £576 to spare.


Previous research from Freesat found that almost a quarter (24 per cent) of people who pay for sports channels admit to watching just one hour or less of sports content a week.