Eis Haus’ pop-up ice bar at the Tower of London is the spot for this year’s festive season

Dec 4 2016 BY Gerald Onyango

This past Thursday we went down to the latest winter pop-up spot at the Tower of London. Eis Haus, who are revered for creating some of the most lavish ice experiences around the world, housed their latest ice bar at the Tower of London’s ice rink. Given the freezing temperatures that have unexpectedly stormed over London, we wanted to challenge ourselves even further and voyage into an après ski paradise.


Heading into Eis Haus we were greeted by the lovely Phil Hughes who’s the founder of Eis Haus. Phil gave us a quick and informative tour of the après bar where he enlightened us on his well-travelled career so far in ice which has taken him all over the globe creating the most elaborate events. Ahead of trying out the Eis Haus experience we had a go at some ice skating at the Tower of London ice rink. It is important to address that this writer is an amateur ice skater, in fact, amateur is too good of a word to describe my skating ability. However, courted onto the ice by my partner, I called upon my inner swan lake and glided on the ice uninhibited by my fears. Nonetheless, my fears quickly took over my momentary confidence and I ended up heading towards the barriers at which I remained as I was not too keen on falling flat on my arse on the chilled ice surfaces. Despite, my lack of skating ability the Tower of London provided a great backdrop being positioned next to the historic palace, overlooking the Thames river and the city skyline of central London. The entire space was elegantly lit with wintery blues and projections of moving snowflakes, creating the perfect setting to celebrate the festive season.


Once we’d stepped off the ice we headed back to the après where we had some prosecco and wine and slouched on the comfy Chesterfield couches. The après bar has a number of cute offerings including a ski-like photo booth, a varied selection of Christmas trees and most importantly an in-house DJ playing some of the best 80s & 90s grooves that’ll ease you into your night. With bubbly in our system, we finally were ready to enter the Eis Haus ice bar where you’re given a huge thermal coat, a pair of gloves and a woolly hat to help you weather the subzero temperatures. As soon as you enter you feel you’ve been transported into an ice paradise with grandiose ice sculptures of polar bears and a moose. The walls were made from ice brick leading to an ice cave that you can sit in protected by two huge ice lion statues. Phil talked us through the process of creating the sculptures where people crafted them in chilling freezers and they had -7 degrees air pumping throughout the ice bar to maintain the solid, glossy finish of the artwork. The Eis Haus also had a number of quirky finishes like the natural icicles, embedded vintage ice pick & chisel and humorous quotes that were etched into the ice brickwork.


What’s an ice bar experience without some alcohol and alcohol that’s got a festive spin on it, with spiced shots and warming cherry brandy which came in unique ice shot glasses that elevated our drinking experience. One of the main attractions of the ice bar is its very grand ice throne that reminded us of the notable throne that features on Game of Thrones. As you can expect a lot of selfies and goofy pictures were taken on the throne. To end the night Phil treated us to some Pommery champagne on ice which was a delectable treat and gave us the right send off before heading home.


The Eis Haus bar is a perfect spot for any person who is looking to take their festive celebrations to another level. Whilst, Eis Haus is for all, it creates the ideal atmosphere for couples and groups wanting to celebrate the Christmas season.

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