Eleven Eleven: A Celebration of Art and Music

Nov 12 2017 BY bespokemag

Art and music are two very distinct forms of self-expression. While they are dissimilar, they are both rooted in creativity and for that reason share a number of commonalities. Looking to marry the two forms of expression on November 16, is ELEVEN ELEVEN – in Shoreditch’s Concrete – which will see three aspiring artists; Lucero, Anna-Maria Antoniou and Rayha Rose share their art with an intimate audience. The night will also feature live performances from Kay-Li, Freddie Dolton and Jords, as well as DJ sets from YV Shells and DJ Hannah B. This will be a night of culture, diversity and a journey into the minds of the artists and where they’re inspiration come from. Entry is £5 and doors open at 8pm.


For a taster for what to expect on November 16, check out the below: