The Eskimo Dance 2017 was the cherry on top of grime’s growing cake

Apr 11 2017 BY YV Shells

When I heard that The Eskimo Dance was being held at Wembley’s SSE Arena I initially was confused. Isn’t that where Beyonce performed? I love Grime but we aren’t Beyonce (yet), we’re Rihanna but we aren’t Beyonce. I later found out Beyonce was in the actual stadium which I thought was a bit excessive if I’m honest but anyway. Since it’s reincarnation in 2011 The Eskimo Dance has gone from strength to strength and the idea of a 12,500 capacity venue full of Grime fans was probably unimaginable to the likes of Wiley when he first created the raves as a platform for artists to perform Grime music.


The Eskimo Dance by @YvShells


With arguably one of the most expansive lineups of Grime and UK rap artists ever seen the event was sure to pop off. I could wax lyrically about how each artist merked their set and caused an array of moshpits but I think it better to mention the surprise guests who weren’t on the lineup. For instance, Stefflon Don’s Mum, The Chicken Connoisseur, and the lingerie item that was propelled onto the stage by a hopeful fan.


LOLOLOLOL by @Luceroglow


Stefflon Don and her Mother by @Luceroglow


Chicken Connoisseur & Friends by @Luceroglow

I do think that a special mention has to go to Ghetts. His energies were typically off the scale to the point where he got about 5 reloads in 30 seconds. Also thanks to Wiley for actually showing up (I always had faith that he’d show)!


Ghetts by @Luceroglow


With that being said, here are a few more pictures from the Bespoke team:


Chip By @YvShells


Kojo Funds by @Luceroglow


Fekky by @Luceroglow


Jammer by @YvShells


Abra Cadabra by @Luceroglow


Djs Maximum & Logan Sama and MC Bushkin by @Luceroglow


Chip by @YvShells