Food Review: Spicing up your Autumn with Herman Ze German

Nov 20 2017 BY Matt Tinkler

With autumn now in full swing and winter fast approaching, the nights are getting longer, darker and colder. In seasons such as this, the meal deal salads and sandwiches just don’t cut it.
What we need is proper, meaty grub that bolsters our hides against the forthcoming cold. A flavour that smacks the face as well as the lips with a “Have some of that!” attitude. What you need is Herman Ze Germans’s Mexican Style Currywürst.
For those of you not in the know, Herman Ze Germans is a Bavarian inspired eatery that first opened its doors in 2008. Since then they have gone on to educate the London scene with proper German grub whilst still blending in with the quirky, vibrant feel of central London. As well as locations in Soho & Charing Cross, their Fitzrovia restaurant on Charlotte Street was the branch I visited.

As I was seated in a tucked away booth, I found the atmosphere to be quite relaxing and all-encompassing. Bierkeller tables and benches, lined with candle-lit beer bottles added a German familiarity to the otherwise Shoreditch-style interior. After ordering a pint of Herman’s own Black Forest Brew (they have Steins too!) – I noted its refreshing citrus flavour. At Herman Ze German’s, you can get anything würst-related from takeaway Bratwürsts to Bockwürst & Pommes Frites. But the dish I desired on that cold November night was the limited edition Mexican Style Currywürst!


The meal came within 10 minutes of ordering and it was stacked! A mountain of thickly cut Chilliwürst, smothered in the classic German Curry sauce. Tomato-based with a paprika punch, this distinctive sauce gave the Chilliwürst a slightly sweet flavour after the initial hit of chilli. But the part of the dish that really peaked my interest was the authentic Mexican Nachos. Initially not what you imagine as a würst’s best friend, the crisp, crunchy texture combo’d so well with the smooth sausage that I couldn’t eat one without the other! Slathered in Oxaca cheese, sour cream and jalapenos, these chips were not just warming but spicy! After getting into the rhythm of loading a slice of würst and a couple of nachos into my mouth followed by a swig of the smooth Black Forest Brew, the flavour – and heat – really started ramping up.

What I would say to those who are keen to spice things up this season at Herman’s, come hungry and come prepared to enjoy a proper Mexican kick! After just finishing the deep bowl of rich goodness, I sat back, enjoyed the subtle spiciness still on my pallet and ordered another beer!
Overall, Herman Ze German’s was a unique and quirky experience on what is and up-and-coming way of eating in London. All the familiarity of a German currywürst with a south-American inspired edge – perfect company for the chilly autumn nights ahead!
Head to any of the three locations listed below from 11:30AM – 10:30AM on weekdays and 12AM on weekends. Grab a Bratwürst hotdog to go for £4.95 or enjoy the Mexican Style Currywürst throughout November for £9.95. Expect more innovate takes on Herman Ze German’s namesake dishes very soon to entice your Bavarian cravings!

RATING: 8/10