Ford’s Go Faster Will Unleash the Stunt Driver in You

Oct 12 2017 BY Byron Grant

Probably best known for producing practical, affordable, utilitarian motor vehicles, Ford has always more commonly been a staple for reliability before risk. However, Ford’s innovative Go Faster experience is anything but ‘safe’ as it puts you behind the wheel of some of their high-performance cars for a bit of sideways action.


Designed to unleash the inner Jason Statham in you, Go Faster immerses consumers into the world of Hollywood stunt driving, before doing a bit of amateur acting as part of being a star in an action movie trailer. Safe in the hands of experienced professional stunt drivers, you are taught manoeuvres you’ll have seen numerous times in films like Driver and Fast & Furious. After about 45 minutes of drifting, power sliding and burning some serious rubber, you will actually feel like Vin Diesel as you pull on some black leather gloves and accompanying bomber jacket, assuming the role of getaway driver ‘Wheels’ in the hot action trailer.




Ford’s attempt to make you feel like a racer as well as an A-lister is very well done, balancing both the consumer’s experience behind the wheel with experience in front of the camera. Everything from the stereotypical eccentric movie director, to slightly stoic American cast members, to v12 Mustangs, no detail is left unattended. Although the minor acting sequences are enjoyable, Ford is at the end of the day a motor vehicle manufacturer, so it is only right that you have the most fun in the tuned Focus RS that they lay on for you. And boy do you have fun! The only downsides are the unflattering faces you pull that are caught on the dashboard go-pro as you skid around to wet the track.


Opening to the public from the 13th-22nd October, this is a not-to-be-missed experience that will surpass anything you’ve ever done on a go-kart track. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite here.