Get Acquainted to The DJ Sounds of Bespoke Live: Aaron Plange

May 15 2017 BY Sidney Korboe

Plange’s selection of sounds shine a torch on The 6. They’re a culmination of picks that showcase Toronto’s wide selection of artists hungry for their time. He’s come to love the city’s production; its ability to manipulate dark and heavy baselines with tranquillising slowed down remedies is what draws him to the sound in large part. His sets will acquaint you with the likes of Derek Wise, K.Forrest and Roy Woods. As a whole these are sounds you simply can’t ignore after a few plays of which you won’t be disappointed.


You can catch him this Wednesday, May 17 at Bespoke Live; cop your tickets here.



When: Wednesday, May 17

Where: Camden Assembly

Time: 7pm – 11pm


Line-up: DC, Ella Frank, One Acen, Mark TC, Treehouse Vibes, DJ Plange