The Greatest Showman… The Greatest Musical to Hit the Big Screen in a Long Time

Jan 10 2018 BY Sasha Salata-Barnett

A feel-good film for the whole family – directed by Michael Gracey, this cinematic production is already taking the UK by storm. From the music to the production and cast, Gracey has formed a masterpiece.
It’s a celebration of ‘old school’ showmanship which follows the life of P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and his struggles in life to create his spectacular sensation that is his circus; the stories of the unusual and wonderful people he employs and the aim to excite and shock his audience (true story too!). Zac Efron is cast as the sensual and lovely Mr Carlisle, who meets Anne Wheeler, the beautiful trapeze artist as they form a close bond. This masterpiece could be seen as a PG American Horror Story (Freak Show) to some (you’ll see what I mean when you see it!) although you can be assured of no horror or spine tingling gore!
Aside from the obvious romance and wonderfully picked cast, the soundtrack is a creation to behold. Going into the cinema, I’ll be honest, I did not go in expecting much, however with the film’s A-List cast, I was utterly proven wrong. The music gives you Goosebumps, it’s as if you’re watching the all singing, all dancing cast live in theatre.
Hugh Jackman is said to have read & researched dozens of books on P.T. Barnum, before taking on the role and it’s clear to see it has paid off. As well as this, an additional astounding fact is the greatly talented Zendaya from our favourite childhood Disney show, incredibly performed all her own trapeze stunts- which finding out after watching the film, was quite surprising and indeed impressive.
Expect great things from this spectacular film, awards are definitely in order. It’s a must see for anyone of any age looking for a good time and to leave the cinema feeling completely enthused and exhilarated.

Rating: 8/10