Hottest Artist to Look Out for this Week: Xavier Wulf

Jun 16 2017 BY Chanel Buituron

Xavier Wulf is an upcoming American “punk” rapper and songwriter from East Memphis, Tennessee. His music is heavily recognised in the BMX community. I came across Xavier’s music through my boyfriend who regularly plays his music and watched his BMX videos on YouTube through Adam 22’s – The Come Up BMX.

Xavier’s music is unique yet diverse in comparison with rappers music from today, the beats used on his tracks are always different and I can guarantee you, as soon as the beat drops it will get you hyped.



Whilst Xavier’s music is still upcoming, his tracks have had millions of hits on Youtube, his music can be found on Soundcloud and Spotify. My personal favourite tracks are – Thunder man, Mobile sweet woe, Fort woe and Psycho pass. He’s also performed at Lyrical Lemonade’s show earlier this year with Playboi Carti, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp.

Xavier is an artist that is progressing quickly in the music industry and I can promise you will never get bored of his tracks.



Check out his latest track on YouTube – Alexander Wulf.