iLLuminate’s Hip Hop Event in October Will Enlighten You

Sep 30 2017 BY bespokemag
Bringing unique live visuals and underground hip-hop together, iLLuminate is the event all music fans need to go to on October 28th. The event, that’s taking place at Archspace London, will create an immersive visual experience for revellers to accompany its rich lineup of MCs. One MC who’ll be performing on the night is Joe Mechanoid who after a two-year break from music is back and will be sharing his new stuff with listeners soon. We caught up with Joe ahead of his iLLuminate gig you can read in full below and find out more info about iLLuminate here 
Firstly, you’ve stopped recording new material for some time – two years if I’m correct. What sparked your break from recording new music?
The break wasn’t really intentional, I’ve still been making/recording music I just haven’t really released anything. I have so many tracks just sitting there unfinished, maybe someone will use them to make an album after I die haha. The main reason for the absence was a need to refocus, I felt like I had lost myself to concepts and ideas that aren’t really me/mine… That and battling depression. That’s something not many people know about, not some of my closest friends and even some family.
With that being said what have you learnt in the two-year break you’ve taken?
I feel like I have learnt a lot. As a Musician I feel like I’ve improved, that will be evident when the new music I’m working on drops. I have learnt a lot about myself, my relationship with the world and how I fit into it. These ideas are the foundation I use to build the landscapes for my art.
You’re dropping a new track called 25 to Life, tell us about it and what should we be expecting from you? What kind of sound? Is it a change from the sound listeners have heard before?
25 to life is going to be smooth and simple instrumentally so people focus on the writing. I’m not really sure how it will sonically compare to my old music, the listeners will have to be the judge of that. Overall the music I’ve got coming definitely has a vibe,  I’m not sure if I would call it a specific type of sound because I think my production is quite diverse but it’s mostly mellow vibes. I imagine people listening to my music when they’re alone, I would say it’s late night/early morning drive music. Still got a couple tracks for my energy crew though.
Why 25 to Life as the title, what significance has turning 25 had in your life?
Well, I wrote this on the evening of my 25th birthday earlier this year. I knew I wanted to drop new music this year and so I felt like it would be good to briefly explain my hiatus and then also lay down a marker for what the future holds.
The full name of the song is Joe Mechanoid (25 to life) and that’s because I’m changing my name to MX30, so I wanted to basically have this as an ode to my previous self almost.


Turning  25 put a lot of things into perspective for me, the biggest thing is probably that the future is now. I am manifesting my future now, with my thoughts and actions, so I can’t slack.


Are you excited for iLLuminate, what does it mean to perform alongside other dope musicians?
Yeah I’m super excited! I can’t wait for people to hear what I’ve been creating. I’m really excited for the custom visuals that will be on show throughout the night. Visual artists from the heaven at night team are creating some custom visuals to be displayed while each musician performing so that’s going to be sick for people to experience. Watching musicians do what they do is always sick but its always better as an artist when you can show them what you do was well.