Interview: A Conversation with Liv Lovelle

Jul 25 2018 BY Zach Ekpe

Some weeks back we ventured into London’s most flamboyant region in the sweltering city-heat for a chat with equally flamboyant, up and coming star Liv Lovelle. Her latest track ‘Special’ recently dropped alongside impressive visuals giving fans a pretty sweet taste of what’s to come. We were keen to find out more about the songstress.

Bespoke: It’s Liv Lovelle! How’s life right, how’s the music?
Liv: I feel like I’m on the journey now, I guess, because I’ve spent quite a few years really just finding my sound, finding the right time to just kind of getting going and I definitely feel like I’m there now – so that’s sooo nice.
So you very content right now? You can see your path kind of set out ahead of you now?
Yeah definitely. I feel like you always have an idea of where you want to go and the direction you want to go in.
Has 2018 been the year everything has kicked off for you? Or do you view that as already having happened?
No, I definitely do think it is now. I kind of dabbled, I guess, with putting a few bits out which, you know.. (received attention). I’ve always had good support from Spotify and playlists and things like that but I feel as though this is the one which I think is the start to like.. Me. ‘Special’ has definitely given me the green light. It’s the beginning and it feels really good.
What was your idea initially?
For me I just wanted to have music out. I just wanted to be on that path and I put a few tracks out – a couple of tracks come out earlier in the year and I feel like this one now has given me the chance to take my first steps on the way to ‘Liv Lovelle’! Haha.
Cool and what’s the journey been like for you – how did you get to the sound you’ve got?
When I was younger – obviously, I’ve always loved singing – but when you’re little you always just sing along to tracks. I loved Mariah Carey, so obviously always what to sing like her, then Destiny’s Child, then the Spice Girls so it was just always singing(that I wanted to do). Then I joined a girl band, don’t know if you know that? And that was amazing, it was such an incredible experience and because we were young, I was like 16/17 but it was very ‘poppy’ and I guess I never really got the chance to ever really sing the way I wanted to. I had to sing to a more generic sound that appealed more generally and it never really gave me the opportunity to find my own sound I guess. It was only after the band got dropped and we went our separate ways that I was able to really master my own sound. If I just try and sing like someone else, I sound terrible – my voice breaks but when I realised ‘ok, I have this weird little tone here and these little twangs’ I also realised that these were things that could still work. The more I wrote and sang the more I was able to control and appreciate my vocals. Finding that out made my life so much easier.

So. Your sound now.. What can you say about it?
I like it. It’s not too busy and versatile – it can sit on any type of beat – which is good because I love writing on anything because you just don’t know what you’re going to end up with. I’ll write
on a real basic piano lead and come up with something like ‘Special’ or write on a dance track and just find what works. So yeah, it’s good. It’s nice to feel like I’ve found it now.
Collaborations. You’ve had a few in the past but are you looking to do it more now that you’ve gotten to this point or are you not too bothered?
So, the idea of it = amazing. It’s not something I’ve been opposed to previously, it’s just not something that’s come up just yet. I did a few things with Gorgon City a couple of years ago; I wrote on their first album and that was super cool but it’s now that I am starting to work with different producers, different writers that it’s all coming together and those opportunities should arise automatically.
Who’s the dream collab?
Artist-wise, it would have to be Miguel. I just feel like our voices would compliment each other. They’re of a kind of androgynous vibe, people would be like ‘who’s the man?’, ‘who’s the woman?’.

What music dominates your past?
I grew up listening to R’n’B music like I was obsessed with like Ray-J, Musiq Soulchild, Brandy, Corey Latif Williams, Bobby Valentino just like R’n’B music. I think I just used to sit on YouTube for hours and all that type of music made me feel a certain way and I always used to then think ‘when I write something I’d want to feel that same way’ for instance, what’s the song.. Genuine – Differences. That song song makes me feel such a way, I’m like ‘I need that.’ So, I guess melodies, harmonies and songs like that which you’ve heard and then it sits somewhere in your brain.
Your new track ‘Special’ is great and has a really dope video – I loved the use of different style cameras. How much of it was your own creative input?
To be honest, obviously we had a treatment and brainstormed the idea and stuff but I guess for me. ‘Special’ as a track – is like five years old, I wrote it with my old friend Alex Gardner – is so sexy yet simple at the same time. I feel like there’s an organic simplicity about it which I think is so beautiful – I love that. So, I really didn’t want the video to be some cliche love story, boy meets girl, falling in love, boy falling in love throughout the video. I just didn’t want that. I wanted the focus to be on my and my thought process. So the idea of me being on a photoshoot and the video being of me on the photoshoot, I just think it worked because it gave me the chance to put incredible outfits on, get my hair and makeup done and look lovely but then the song has such a natural ambience to it that it just sits on top and ends up blending well. It was really important for me to not lose the meaning of the song in the video.
What could you tell me about yourself that people would maybe be surprised to hear?
When I was younger, I was super athletic. Any sport you can name – I did it. I did; mini marathons and I thought I was going to be in the 2012 Olympics but then I started singing and quickly left that behind.I was very sporty.. I played football for a quite a few years – I was like 14? – I played for QPR for a bit. I come from a very sporty family.
So, where are you from (not originally)?
I’m from West London, Ealing. So many people don’t consider it as a part of London.. Like anyone I meet from North London they think that I’m from Uxbridge when I see Ealing but no, it’s proper West.
Ok. Originally now. Where are you from?
I’m actually half white, my mum’s white English and I’m half Guyanese. So, it’s geographically from South America but some people call it West Indian, some call it South American, some people call it Caribbean. It’s easiest to say South America. Some people are like ‘ooo Ghana’ and I’m like ‘that’s a whole different continent babes’.
Favourite colour?
You know what? That’s a tricky question. I’d say right now it’s pink. I love this whole barbie thing that I have going on. I don’t know why.. it just makes you feel girly, yeah, I’m going to have to say pink.