Introducing Skylight: The New Tobacco Dock Rooftop Spot

May 26 2017 BY Sidney Korboe

Summer’s fast approaching and that can only mean one thing: you’re on the hunt for a new hangout spot to see through the warmer months in those free post-work hours. And fortunately enough for you, Skylight – the new Tobacco Dock rooftop space – is now a thing. It launched in Wapping on May 25, and is here to stay for summer. Themed around a British urban lawn club, croquet and petanque feature heavily alongside alcohol and street food; the right amount of game-fuelled distraction and booze to erase your annoying boss from your memory for at least an evening.



 With bars on every level, Skylight will be serving up the drinks that define summer ’til 11pm from Thursday through to Sunday. The only real question to ask yourself is whether or not to go home and change out of those work clothes before rocking up. (Don’t, it’ll only eat into your croquet time.)  





Where: Penning St. Car Park entrance Wapping Ln St Katherine’s & Wapping London E1W 2SF


Opening: Thursday & Friday 5pm – 11pm, Saturday & Sunday – 12pm – 11pm



Croquet – £20- £30 per hour for teams for up to 6 people.

Pentaque – £15 per half-hour for teams for up to 4 people.