Kisstory Launches Brand New All-Dayer On Streatham Common

Jan 26 2018 BY bespokemag

Admittedly, our generation is a very nostalgic bunch, so much so, that while we no longer avidly listen to the radio anymore, but there are some occasions when we do and that’s to listen to Kisstory. Kisstory reminds us of a time where things were simple, when R&B was R&B and when people danced  – I mean bring a hand towel to the party cause you’ll be sweating type of dancing. And I think that’s why we love Kisstory cause it reminds us of simpler times and they’ve caught wind of this sentiment and have decided to launch a brand new all-dayer called Kisstory On the Common.


Kisstory will be taking place on Streatham Common on Saturday 21st July 2018. With multiple stages across the site and room for up to 10,000 music revellers, it’s set to be the biggest KISSTORY event to date. Expect KISS DJ’s spinning the biggest and best Old Skool & Anthems, plus special guests and exclusive performances that span every KISSTORY genre, including Garage, R’n’B, Hip Hop, Dance, House, Drum & Bass and more, with extra fun stuff to be announced.


Tickets for the event are on sale from today (Friday 26th January) from, and fans can keep an eye on the website as further details are announced.