Love Saves The Day 2017 Emphatically Puts Its Bid For Best Festival of the Year

Jun 7 2017 BY Aniah Boakye-Smith

Always one of the first on the UK festival calendar, Love Saves The Day (LSTD) came back around on the second bank holiday of May for its sixth year running.

For those of you who have been before, the amount of growth the festival has undergone was certainly translated in the event just passed. A once small and intimate festival, that originally started off as a one-day event held in Bristol’s City Centre has now developed into a fully-fledged electronic music extravaganza.

Sticking with its traditional alternative, carefree and laid back vibes LSTD still managed to keep within the brand, whilst expanding to a much wider audience. Alongside this, this year saw the addition of whole new stages and areas in addition to the already variety rich fixtures present at the festival.

The Lost Garden stage held the festival’s first ever LGBT venue, and on Saturday this was hosted by the iconic duo Bitch, Please!. The décor was fabulous, with flowers, wicker sheds and haystacks adding a completely new vibe to the festival mix. DJ Artwork was on the decks accompanied by one of many flash mobs that could be found around the park. I couldn’t help but be a little reminded of Koppaberg’s Urban Forest.

I will be honest and say I wasn’t familiar with too many of the acts on Saturday’s lineup and dedicated the majority of my time to exploring the parks many amenities.

I danced in a boxing ring, jumped rope (rather impressively, even if I do say so myself), rode fairground rides and found a secret ball bit. I was also extremely privileged to witness a wedding in an inflatable church, ministered by a potty-mouthed priest.

From what I did see of the acts on Saturday, I must say I was very impressed. I caught Fatima Yamaha on the main stage whilst waiting to see the Grammy-nominated NAO, only to find out she had cancelled her appearance due to illness earlier that day. I cannot express how gutted I was however, I was pleasantly surprised by Fatima Yamaha’s disco fabulousness – oh and the dance moves Fatima did were too fire also.

Sunday came around and the crowds were much bigger and the queues much longer.  

You can always expect the LSTD sound to centre around electronic/dance music with a predominately UK based line-up, however, as the years have progressed more surrounding genres such as grime, hip-hop and alternative overseas artists have been incorporated.

 The Sunday lineup definitely seemed more in demand covering all corners of music, with names such as Shy FX, Kano, BADBADNOTGOOD and Kate Tempest at the top of the bill.

A clear Sunday favourite for me was Jamz Supernova’s set, again in the Lost Garden with some bad gal dancers to accompany her. I also experienced an epic dance-off between a group of superheroes complete with their very own giant human heart (well, not an actual human heart but rather, a human dressed as a heart who was constantly being thrown into the air – but yeah!) and the most mindboggling collaborative comprised of Donald Trump, Teresa May (masks of course) and a few other desirable figures donning some fantastically shiny leggings.

Please just look at the pictures to understand.

Throughout the whole weekend, my Snapchat messages consisted solely of wtf’s and omg where are you’s?

LSTD is honestly the weirdest, wackiest but most wonderful place you can possibly imagine.

My favourite venue this year has to be the Paradiso tent. Here, I saw the revolutionary rapper/poet Mykki Blanco DJing, performing and dangling himself from the ceiling above the crowd. This was soon followed by one of my favourite DJ’s – Hannah Faith’s set. What I like about Hannah, is that she is a born mood setter. She completely changed the vibe of the tent, her sounds beckoning in revellers lurking on the outskirts. She is just so smooth with it and I have never seen her not be able to turn up a crowd.

67’s performance followed and in my humble opinion was mediocre at best. I don’t feel as though the stage spacing was right for them and perhaps they needed just a little more from the crowd. 

The absolute killer for me, however, was Miss Stefflon Don herself. She stole the entire show, festival, EVERYTHING. She performed all the bangers; 16 shots, London and Real Ting which invoked an epic only girls allowed stage invasion.

She controlled stage to a T and had the whole crowd jumping for her entire set.

In all, Love Saves The Day was the perfect way to kick start the festival season. If you missed it, don’t make the same mistake again and make sure you get yourself to at least one of the other amazing festivals coming up this summer.

Peace, love and glitter!