This Is Major: Bruno Major Stuns Village Underground

May 13 2018 BY Dinesh Mattu

Fresh off his tour supporting Sam Smith in March, Jazz / Blues / R&B singer Bruno Major delivered a smooth, sultry and down-right sincere set at a sold out Village Underground.

His latest release A Song For Every Moon is a 12-track LP filled with songs which were individually written, recorded and released from start to finish, for each month in the year. This drip-feed tactic is something that Major himself admits keeps him on his toes in terms of immediacy, but also keeps ideas relevant and fresh for the listener.

The culmination of this, and the exposure on the recent stadium tour has all snowballed to put Major in good stead as a seasoned performer. Assured, yet vulnerable on stage, his style strangely suits the Village Underground, which is usually frequented by edgy electronic acts, with a flickering light show to amplify his stunning show.



Taking us through his latest material, he breezed through all of the main touchpoints every great singer-songwriter is so darn good at exposing; heartbreak, love, tragedy, loss – with an accompanying story for almost each one. In particular ‘Places We Won’t Walk,’ is touching, which was revealed to be written as a breakup song, however quickly took on a completely new meaning when Major lost a close relative, and as he explained became quite a powerful lesson on perspective and timing.



His band are pretty phenomenal, (even if the jazz-y songs are missing a saxophonist) with keyboardist and vocalist Eloise (who was also on the bill as the warm-up act) deserving of a mention, and one to definitely keep an eye on for the future. In true Millenial fashion, the two actually met after she covered the singer’s ‘Second Time’ on her Instagram. Crooning her way through the second verse, the duet is a potential sign of what’s to come. 

The tracklist is up and down, with ‘Easily’ being a highlight and certainly one of his stronger pieces, however ‘Home’ in comparison comes off slightly too Ed Sheeran and so far away from the rest of his material it feels quite out of place. Further, his option to finish by speeding up and hard bopping the f*ck out of Drake’s ‘Just Hold On…’ leaves a slightly bitter taste for a closing song.


Having said that, it is safe to say he is gathering a lot of momentum for an independent act and is due to headline KOKO in December. Check out A Song For Every Moon below.