“Man’s Not Hot”: Michael Dapaah Serves A Fresh Reminder of The Power of Social Media

Sep 8 2017 BY Jacinta Ruscillo

For the very few of you who haven’t been in the world of Twitter or any social media lately, you may not have heard comedian Michael Dapaah as Roadman Shaq’s viral Fire in The Booth ‘The Ting Goes’ also known as ‘Man’s Not Hot.’ The parody Fire in the Booth was bound to cause social media to go mental with memes, video clips and you name it, making his name and face mainstream viral like Chicken Connoisseur did earlier this year.


Some of Dapaah’s bars include:

‘See your girl in the park, that girl is a uckers. When the ting went “quack quack quack,” you man were ducking’


‘Look at your nose. What. You d*ckhead, look at your nose. Nose long like garden hose.’


‘The ting goes skrrra pa pa ka ka ka’

‘Man’s not hot. My girl told me take off my jacket. I said babes, man’s not hot.’



Viral Content in the Age of Social Media

Comedian Michael Dapaah has been around on social media for quite some time, making funny videos and parodies on Instagram and Twitter. Exactly what makes a piece of content viral on social media is something that social listeners and analysts would pay good money to know. Much of it comes down to hard work, being in the right place at the right time, and of course a spot of luck. For Dapaah, his Fire in the Booth platform shot him to instant fame to the point that his song is currently being played in clubs and even in Selfridges Oxford Street:



The phenomenon of short-lived, viral content on social media is something we’re super familiar with these days; just this year, Chicken Connoisseur, Salt Bae, Cash Me Ousside Girl and Gemma Collins are just a few who have shut down social media for five minutes of internet fame.


Once in the viral spotlight, for those who weren’t widely famed to begin with, the difference lies in whether they intentionally created the content for it to go viral, or, just got noticed and everyone went mad.


Chicken Connoisseur and Dapaah are examples of two content creators who are obviously targeting the humour of specific audiences, reaching a mainstream level of fame. Capitalising off this viral platform is therefore more sustainable for them, as they have reactive content to continue the interest.


Those who haven’t intentionally created content like Cash Me Ousside Girl are usually the ones to fall by the wayside and are quickly forgotten. Although the science of viral content is really interesting and almost baffling, finding exactly what makes the whole internet world click is still to be discovered. For now, let’s just enjoy some more Man’s Not Hot memes: