We Visited The Coolest Microbrewery in Blackheath – Zerodegrees

Sep 28 2017 BY Jacinta Ruscillo

It doesn’t get much cooler than the in-house cooling tanks of freshly brewed beer in Blackheath’s renowned microbrewery, Zerodegrees. Brewmaster, David, gave us a tour of the family-run brewery and a taste of the pairing menu. He explained the step-by-step process in making the perfect pint and we were introduced to their newest September brews.


The Microbrewery

microbrewery zerodegrees


In 2000, beer enthusiasts Dipam Patel and Nick Desai opened their first microbrewery together. They were among the first of their kind before the hipsters took over and Zerodegrees was born. The brewery is a small maze of hot and cold tanks with pipes threading straight from tank to tap. With no need to keg the beers, their aim is to skip the preservatives and serve it immediately. The range of brews include a pilsner, pale ale and for those who can take a punch, the black lager is a solid favourite. From the barley mill to the fermentation tank, David explained the boiling, cooling and fermentation of each brew. September specials include the Grapefruit Dry Hopped Lager, Oktoberfest beer and Pumpkin Ale to be paired alongside wine.


The Food

mussels zerodegrees microbrewery


When it comes to the food, it’s safe to say that the extensive menu was an explosion of experimental flavours. With Beer battered king prawns and scotch bonnet carnitas, flavours are big and portions aren’t small. The mussels are the ultimate pièce de résistance; a kilo of fresh mussels in a lobster bisque finished with basil, lemon and a fistful of skinny fries – amazing with the most popular mango beer. For the main, there was wood-fired rump steak on pizza (yes, a winning combination) and pulled pork carne asada. When it came to dessert, we couldn’t help but indulge in more pizza; the pecan and salted caramel with vanilla ice-cream was an excellent way to finish.

The Verdict

pizza microbrewery zerodegrees


As far as fresh beer, steak pizza and mussels go, it’s clear why Zerodegrees is a winner with after-work crowds and, according to David, German tourists. The bubbly atmosphere and homely feel is further mixed with an unexpected “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” excitement. Along with their colour-coded drinks pairing menu and open tours with beer-tastings, it’s an experience as well as a meal out. One more thing: if the trek to the South East London microbrewery is a bit too long for weekly Friday drinks, they do portable 5 pint kegs, complete with tap, for you to take home too.


Photo Credit: ME:MO Interactive