Mother is Above and Beyond the Best Place For Pizza in Copenhagen

Feb 7 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

The last restaurant we headed to was the renowned Mother restaurant that has been blessing customers from across the globe at its old meatpacking district located restaurant since 2010. Mother is known for its famous sourdough culture that goes into every batch of their pizza still to this day. I was eager to try out Mother as it had been recommended to me by every friend of mine that lives in Copenhagen or has been to Denmark’s capital before.


The restaurant is dominated by its rustic wood-fired oven and the rustic warm feel is consistent throughout the restaurant with its wooden tables, candles and logs of wood stacked up against the wall. Whilst admiring the restaurant’s landscape, we met the head chef, Carlo. Carlo has been a part of Mother since its incarnation 7 years ago and he spoke boldly of his passions for food and always having the urge to try new things to further the Mother brand. One of his latest additions is Mother’s introduction of using seawater in their pizzas. The use of seawater in place of regular salt and water provides a healthier and tastier way of making pizza dough. When chatting with Carlo about Mother’s food it was clear to see his passion for the restaurant and the quality of their food; he spoke about how Mother make their own cheeses locally in Copenhagen, have their own wine are our pioneering a new way of making pizza with the use of seawater. And it’s through Carlo’s constant need for perfection that has helped Mother become Copenhagen’s best spot for pizza.


For our starters, we had an array of options in an almost tapas setup. This included a vegetarian appetizer mixed with focaccia, deep fried cod, ham and garlic bread. It is easily the most authentic Italian starter that I’ve had outside of Italy. The veg was sweet and crispy; particularly the peppers which even the most ardent anti-veg-eater would’ve adored. The cod was succulent and its Roman way of deep frying created the tastiest coating for the fish. The ham was delicious without being too salty and the garlic bread was soft and flavoursome with the oregano oils adding to its flavour.


For our drink choice we went for Mother’s very own Rosé, which has a very sweet but light taste and really goes well with the Bruschetta, do take a sip of the wine to help digest your bread. For our mains, Carlo recommended the Porcella which comes with organic sausage, porcini, tomato and mozzarella. We also tried their recently released four cheese pizza that comes with mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola piccante and parmesan. The most noticeable thing about Mother’s pizzas is their base which is thin but has an almost hidden thickness about them that deep pan pizza lovers would enjoy. Their Porcella pizza’s flavours are subtle and allow for the sausages to take lead on the taste, while their four cheese pizza is a festival of cheese flavours that party in your mouth. If you’re a big foodie, then the size of the pizza will be great for you as it’s a good size for pizza lovers.



Following so many recommendations, I now understand the Mother buzz and personally feel I have an attachment to the restaurant due to its constant want to improve their flavours, make their food healthier and be creative with their pizzas. Fortunately for us Londoners, Mother has now opened a restaurant in Battersea, we implore you to go and try it out!