New Films In UK Cinemas: 11th May – 17th May

May 12 2018 BY Andrew Turner

Anon (Friday 11th May)

Original science fiction films are something that will always catch my interest and this was absolutely the case when a film such as Children of Men came on my radar. That was a great movie which had a real impact on me. Clive Owen starred in that film and he is, once again, involved in another original sci-fi film coming out in UK cinemasAnon is the title of this film and it deals with concepts and themes such as privacy, censorship, technology and the role of government which all sounds interesting, at least to me anyway.



How To Talk To Girls At Parties (Friday 11th May)

We have another science fiction film coming out in the form of How To Talk To Girls At Parties although this film is more on the romantic-comedy side of things. Elle Fanning and Alex Sharp play the lead roles of Zan and Enn respectively with Nicole Kidman in a supporting role as Queen Boadicea. This film looks pretty wacky and it could be something quite unique.


Deadpool 2 (Tuesday 15th May)


Undoubtedly, the biggest film release coming out in this time period is Deadpool 2. I liked Deadpool but it is not a film that I love as much as others do. That being said, I cannot wait for Deadpool 2 as it looks even more hilarious and outlandish than the first and that is all I want from this film, especially as the humour was the main reason why I liked DeadpoolRyan Reynolds was born to play the role of Deadpool and it will be interesting to see how he interacts with the new characters in Deadpool 2. I hoping for good things from this film.


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