New Films In UK Cinemas: 15th June – 21st June Andrew Turner
Jun 19 2018 BY Andrew Turner

Hereditary (Friday 15th June)


In recent years, the horror genre has provided some unique cinematic experiences. Indeed, Get Out and A Quiet Place have been critically praised for how they added something new and different and it seems as though Hereditary is following suit. All of the reactions I have seen for this film have been universally positive with many being shocked for how disturbing and upsetting this film is on a psychological level.


Moreover, I have seen a few comments from fans of the film which assert that Toni Collette should be considered for an Oscar nomination for her performance in the film. While the summer season is known for its huge spectacle blockbusters, a good variety of films always exist at this time of year and Hereditary certainly looks very unique and sounds like a special film.

Ocean’s 8 (Monday 18th June)




Steven Soderbergh’s reboot of Ocean’s Eleven is a beloved film but Ocean’s Twelveand Ocean’s Thirteen could never fully recapture the magic of the original. Perhaps Ocean’s 8 could do this but there has not been a lot of buzz about this all-women spin-off of Soderberg’s trilogy. Certainly, it is being released in a pretty packed summer of blockbusters but I am sure there will be curiosity about what this film will be like and whether it will add anything new to the franchise.

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