New Films In UK Cinemas: 20th July – 26th July

Jul 22 2018 BY Andrew Turner

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (Friday 20th July)

Mamma Mia was a smash-hit film from a financial perspective. However, I never saw it because musicals are not really my thing and the mixed critical reception did not fill me with much of a desire to watch it. However, a sequel, titled Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, can now be seen in UK cinemas and it has received really good reviews. Indeed, Mark Kermode, a film critic I highly respect, stated in his review that he was moved to tears by the film. All of this has raised my interest to see this movieas well as the original Mamma Mia which I never thought would happen.




Hotel Artemis (Friday 20th July)

Sterling K. Brown is having a meteoric rise as an actor in the entertainment industry and he now has a leading role alongside Jodie Foster in the dystopian action thriller Hotel ArtemisHotel Artemis is a movie about a secret hospital for criminals run by Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster) in a futuristic Los Angeles. The concept for this film sounds unique and could be a cool cinematic experience for those looking for something different this summer.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout (Wednesday 25th July)

Still, because it is summer, the big blockbusters are still coming out in full force and the latest one is Mission: Impossible – FalloutTom Cruise is back again as Ethan Hunt in this film that a lot of critics are calling the best of the franchise. For it to be better than Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, my personal favourite movie in this series, would be some achievement and I cannot wait to see if the hype for Fallout is real.


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