New Films In UK Cinemas: 9th March – 15th March

Mar 9 2018 BY Andrew Turner

Gringo (9th March)

David Oyelewo has given some great performances in his career so far. I was first introduced to him in The Butler which I thought he was fantastic in. His performance as Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma cemented him as an acting titan and he is only 41-years-old. He has years ahead of him and any fan of his should be very intrigued with Gringo, an action-comedy where Oyelewo’s character has to deal with drug lords, black ops mercenaries and backstabbing colleagues on what was supposed to be a routine business trip. The story sounds fun and original and films like Gringo should always be supported.


Mom and Dad (9th March)

While Nicolas Cage has become kind of a joke and is considered to be more of a meme than an actor these days, we have to remember that he is still a working actor in the entertainment industry. Mom and Dad is his latest film and it has received mainly positive reviews. The story is about an insane 24 hours where a teenage girl and her brother must survive the threat of their parents after a mysterious hysteria has caused parents to violently turn against their children. Again, this film sounds highly original. Additionally, if Nicolas Cage is involved, then the film will probably be entertaining as Cage always gives an over-the-top performance nowadays.

You Were Never Really Here (9th March)

Joaquin Phoenix is a unique actor who chooses film projects that are not what many would call normal. You Were Never Really Here certainly fits that criteria. The film focuses on a contract killer, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who tries to save a kidnapped teenage girl from a life of prostitution and uncovers a conspiracy in the process. Clearly, the film has vibes Taken but, from the reaction I have seen towards the film, it is darker and more brutal in nature than Taken. While it may not be an easy watch, You Were Never Really Here could be quite enthralling and have a big impact on you.


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