New Music: Genghis Kong – Can’t Identify

Sep 20 2017 BY TP

Up and coming Grime MC, Genghis Kong has released the visuals for ‘Can’t Identify’ from his ‘Living Relic LP’, aptly shot in black and white to fit the gritty feel of the song. The video takes place in and around East Croydon, providing the backdrop to his hard-hitting lyrics, which vary in subject matter across the song. He initially is braggadocious, a similar trait shared by many Grime artists, however he progresses into political and conscious content further on into the track.



The production consists of a dark melody constructed using sharp synths with a Far East influence, possibly purposeful given the artist’s Vietnamese background. Genghis is able to vary his flow over the exceptionally bass heavy instrumental, with diction and clarity. Utilizing a more extensive vocabulary than the average MC, he stands out in what is a crowded space as the number of people making Grime continues to increase. If he can master creating cohesive songs, an exceptionally difficult task that only a few have managed to do so far, then he could have a very bright future ahead of him in music. You can check out the rest of his ‘Living Relic LP’ on Soundcloud below: