Jun 3 2016 BY TP

Following the underground success of Nines’ mixtape, ‘One Foot In’, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of his next project, ‘One Foot Out’. That release could be imminent, as the visuals for the first track of his upcoming album, aptly named ‘Intro’, have just been aired via SBTV. It is a very well shot video, juxtaposing scenes of the Church End Estate and the central business district of London, contrasting the differences in wealth between both areas.



The song itself was produced by the very talented EY, who is beginning to cultivate his own sound as a producer. He has created beats for numerous artists, including Krept & Konan, Yungen and alongside Nav Michael, co-produced the incredible ‘Can’t Blame Me’ for Nines.




The instrumental to ‘Intro’ is excellent and showcases EY’s consistency, with Nines’ characteristic punchlines and effortless flow accompanying the beat. Nines exhibits an intelligence and awareness in his wordplay that many UK MCs lack, and ‘Intro’, is no different. Off mixtapes alone, he has already cemented himself as one of the best rappers in the UK today and if the rest of the album is anything like the debut song, we could have a UK classic on our hands…