A Night at King’s Cross’ Hidden Gem, The Granary Square Brasserie

Jan 21 2018 BY Gerald Onyango

When you normally think of King’s Cross your immediate thoughts are of the station that takes you to the northeast of England and Hogwarts, depending on your level of wizardry of course. But neatly tucked away on the other side of the station lies, The Granary Square Brasserie, an all-day dining restaurant that offers a sumptuous dining experience for its busy London customers.


We headed to Granary Square and in the evening and it seems the restaurant does a great job in ensuring its aesthetics complement the time of the day. Every table was gorgeously lit with a candle with a lone chandelier hanging from the ceiling altogether helping to create this warm and natural feel for their varying customers. Sat at our table and after finishing our long conversation on the restaurant’s rustic but similarly modern decor, we met our host for the evening, Jordan, who assured she knew the menu from front to back as well as the best wine choices too (she did). With her recommendation, she prompted for us to try the Zucchini friti as our appetizer which comes as crispy courgette fries with lemon, chilli and mint yoghurt. While it was an appetizer, the portion was large and easily enough for two people to enjoy. The yoghurt was amazing, rich in flavour but not too rich to the point that it overrides the courgette fries. This, surprisingly for a meat-lover like myself, was my favourite meal of the evening.




Our wine choice of the evening was the Grenache Blanc, Lierre a light and crisp wine that goes well with most dishes. For our starters, we had a great exchange of words on what would be best for us to share since there was such a spread of choice. In an agreement, we chose to have the Calamari and Mozzarella di bufala. The former comes with wasabi mayonnaise, lime and chilli the latter with clementine, sourdough croutons, chilli, pine nuts and pesto. If you’re a fan of My Wife and Kids then you’ll remember a valuable lesson that you shouldn’t eat dairy and citrus together but on this occasion, they went perfectly together and took our palate to a new level of taste. The calamari had a very flavoursome batter that was in spiral form and topped with oriental seasoning.






Ahead of deciding our main, we further examined the decor of Granary Square; parts of the restaurant kept its rugged and industrial warehouse look that’s common of King’s Cross buildings, but with its sofa-like set-up it is very apparent that comfort is important to The Granary Square. Cushions, pillows and comfy seating create a relaxed vibe and despite its experienced menu and detailed food presentation; the restaurant does well to convey a feeling that comforts their customers to feel relaxed at the well-detailed restaurant.


For our mains, we went for the sirloin steak with fries and Chicken Milanese Brioche crumbed chicken Milanese with marinated tomato and rocket. The steak we opted to have it as medium with green peppercorn as the sauce. While it was tasty and the sauce complemented it well too, it was quite chewy in part, while the chips were slightly overcooked than I would’ve preferred. The chicken was tasty and comes in a large portion but it lacked carbs but, of course, there are carb options you can order separately.




The dessert, on the other hand, was excellent and very artistic. We went for the Chocolate Bombe which was almost a theatrical experience as it went from a solid dome of chocolate to then Jordan pouring the boiling hot caramel that you saw the chocolate dome melt away to reveal the honeycomb centre and vanilla ice cream. The bombe has a lovely array of textures with the chocolate dome, salted caramel sauce, honeycomb and ice cream this is an absolute must for chocolate lovers.




Overall The Granary Square is a very well decorated venue that prides itself on its presentation and creates a very warm and comforting atmosphere. Their food is tasty and comes in lovely portions that’ll suit food lovers.