Nines enlist J Hus for new track, “High Roller”

Feb 2 2017 BY TP

UK Rap royalty Nines, has just released the video to his brand new track, “High Roller”. The collaboration, featuring the innovative and very talented J Hus, is the Harlesden rapper’s first official release since the hard-hitting ‘Trapper of the Year’. His visuals seem to be following a trend, showing that he is still grounded despite his lavish living, with various shots of his estate, and greeting members of the local Somalian community in a café. Such scenes are juxtaposed with Nines using a spacious, luxury flat and a jet as a backdrop for his delivery. The song itself is good but given the high standard that Nines sets, which has made him one of the modern day greats of UK Rap, it is definitely not his best. His verses seem a bit rushed, and track feels under-produced, however he still drops his trademark, quotable punchlines: ‘Came through in an Audi and in that Honda Accord, all this gold got me looking like an Oscar Award’.


Since signing to XL Records under two months ago, Nines and his A&R, Caroline SM of GRM Daily, have both been hinting at the release of his heavily anticipated debut album, ‘One Foot Out’. Fans believed that the project would be with them in the summer of 2016 following visuals dropping for ‘Intro’ and ‘Trapper Of The Year’, but they have been made to wait, increasing the buildup of what could be one of the biggest Rap LPs of 2017. However, with the release of “High Roller’”, One Foot Out could be with us very soon…



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