Is It Ok For Guys To Cry?

May 18 2017 BY bespokemag

Lynx, the UK’s number one male grooming brand*, is today launching #isitokforguys, a Google search-driven campaign that reveals how guys are searching online for answers to the questions they can’t face asking out loud. From “is it ok for guys to cry” to “is it ok for guys to have long hair”, the data shows the insecurities that guys are turning to Google to answer.


#isitokforguys aims to help liberate men from cultural pressures and labels that tell them what it means ‘to be a man’, with a series of films and interviews that answer the most searched questions on Google. Featuring boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, godfather of grime Wiley, BAFTA Rising Star winner Will Poulter and some of the UK’s leading male YouTubers – from today, these films will become visible to men typing these questions into Google.


Anthony Joshua said: “I’m proud to look after my body in whatever way I can and yoga plays big part in improving performance, strength and flexibility. I’m working with Lynx to open up and help more guys be the men they want to be.”


#isitokforguys follows a study conducted by the brand and Promundo, an organisation that works with men and boys to promote gender equality and prevent violence. The research delves into socially reinforced rules that say men should be the alpha male, hide their feelings, look a certain way and refrain from speaking up or seeking help with issues.


The research shockingly revealed that in the UK, 57% of guys have been told that real men should behave a certain way since they were children and 51% believe they need to ‘act tough’ even when they’re vulnerable or afraid. More than half of these men also admitted to having thoughts of suicide in the past two weeks alone.