Our first thoughts listening to J Hus’ Common Sense album

May 12 2017 BY bespokemag

J Hus has been blessing the UK music scene for some time now, and it is of no surprise that his debut album release  has been highly anticipated. With tracks like “Dem Boy Pagion”, “Friendly” and most recently, “Did You See”, Hus has been gearing up his fans for something special. Well, Common Sense is finally here, so we thought we’d give you some live reactions…


  • “Na you man Hus’ album, why you talking bout ball?”


  • “The way he says Bouff daddy >>>”


  • “Wow Jhus is baddddd” (as in good)


  • “He’s talented man, proper music this”


  • “Can’t wait for Parklife. When he drops Did You See, gonna try crowd surf”


  • “Hope people push this like Stormz’ ting”


  • “Na you man Clartin is gassin me”


  • “Sorry but Fisherman sounds sooooooooooo good”


  • “Ahhh I’ve waited for this for monthsssss”


  • “There hasn’t been a bad track yet”


  • “Did You See is a classic man, like seriously”




  • “Jae5 killed this album”


  • “Like Your Style has touched my spirit so far, so bouncy”


  • “I need to hear this on speakers” – on Bouff Daddy


  • “Yhhhh Plottin is a mazza mate”


  • “You see Spirit at Wildlife…oh my god”


  • “Nah I dunno why I’m dying that he calls ketchup tomato sauce”


  • “Eyes were watering on the bus this morning”


  • “Plottin has that garage T2 kinda vibe to it”


  • “I was fully shanking to that one…*skanking” – on Plottin


  • “Need to cop Hus’s album”


  • “Leave Me goes in as well, whole album tbh”


  • “Clartin in the club…jeeeeesusssss”


  • “This beat is so delicious, it’s so bouncy” – on Bouff Daddy




  • “Ahhh when the bullets spray and someone Adlibs aaaaaahhhh” – On Clartin


  • “I’m gonna buy this album man”


  • “Leave Me is actually so hard”


  • “These man are making cheat code albums”


  • “He said I’m a badman lipser, and it’s making me benn”


  • “His one liners are unique”


  • “Not a song i dislike on this”


Cop the album on iTunes here.