Outlook Orchestra: Bassline Through a Double Bass

Jan 30 2017 BY SollyJFreeman

The Outlook Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall was outstanding. The ultimate warm up for the tenth anniversary of Outlook Festival in September 2017 or the best way to warm down and remember just how wavy Outlook Festival 2016 was. A night that included performances from Dawn Penn, Foreign Beggars and Congo Natty was never going to disappoint but I was blown away by the Orchestra.

Having witnessed Grime performed by an orchestra I was very excited to see how the typical Outlook baselines would work. The Outlook Orchestra showed that Grime, Bassline, Reggae, Jungle and Dubstep are as beautiful and melodic as classical music when performed on live instruments.

The 20 piece orchestra included master dub mixers Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor and it was versatile enough to support a wide range of acts. The back to back of Newham Gens, Killa P and Flow Dan reminded me of pirate radio sets with better sound quality. The instruments were incredibly clear and every section of the orchestra was on point, I felt a tingle down my spine when the first chords of the Skream – Midnight Request Line started playing.

My highlight of the night was General Levy. He’s already junglist legend and his performance was impressive. He strolled on stage in a bright fur coat with a wavy matching Russian hat, performed Incredible and everyone went mad. He’s the epitome of both Jungle and Outlook Festival, he always performs exceptionally well.

Photograph by Nicola Antonazzo

Special mentions have to go to Jenna G and Ruby Wood. Both singers have beautiful yet incredibly strong voices and stunned us with In Love and All Yours respectively.

Outlook’s launch party starts in Bristol this year look out for tickets. And of course Outlook Festival tickets have been on sale for a while now, if I haven’t gassed you into going yet then have a look at our previous posts about Outlook here.