Sep 1 2016 BY bespokemag

There’s no hiding the fact that within the deep dark dungeons of lads’ WhatsApp groups – you’ll find some of the most hilarious conversations known to man. So much so, we’ve decided to reveal some of the conversations that have been passed onto us. Below you’ll find a conversation between some like-minded young men about their love of cunnilingus. Enjoy and stay tuned for future ‘Overheard in the WhatsApp Group’ content.

[10:43, 9/1/2016] Perry Mattews: When the lads started admitting they go down on girls, I felt so betrayed
[10:43, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews: But now I’m happy you guys did cause going down >>>>>
[10:44, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Bowcatting >>>

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[10:45, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Sometimes I even lift the girl in the air to eat it
[10:45, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: I can say that with pride
[10:45, 9/1/2016] Frank Stephens: Nah, I had an American friend called Patrick in first year. Loved talking about eating vagina
[10:45, 9/1/2016] Frank Stephens: So I tried
[10:45, 9/1/2016] Frank Stephens: Realised the power it gives you lol
[10:45, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews: First time I licked the cat
[10:46, 9/1/2016] Perry Mattews: Was like turning the key into an Oracle

[10:45, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: I respect you Travis. You’re on the right wave with that lifting in the air. I do the same
[10:46, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: I love bowcatting cause it’s what it does to the girl. That’s the reason it’s a must
[10:46, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Standing 69 is bare fun too
[10:46, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: Eating out just makes the actual sex so much better
[10:46, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews: When they put your head into a leg lock>>>>>>>

leg lock
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Rory Jackson: Nah Perry, you’re killing me LOOOOL. But yeah tbf it’s one of the things have you do for them
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Frank Stephens: Perry man ??????
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Frank Stephens: This convo is so funny
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Perry Mattews: Real talk, I had to tap out one time
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Perry Mattews: Like babes plz
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews: I can’t breathe

[10:47, 9/1/2016] Rory Jackson: Do you lot wipe your mouth before you lips
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Rory Jackson: Or do you just lips with their wetness
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Perry Mattews: Kiss with their wetness >>>
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: >>>>>>>
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews: I’m a dirty boy baby
[10:47, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Wipe my mouth for what
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: Nah man
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: Lips straight
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: It’s all sensual
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: They love it
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Proper mood kill that would be
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Stop to wipe your face ?
[10:48, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: ???
[10:49, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: Yeah you just gotta lips it
[10:49, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews: Bowcatting>>>>
[10:49, 9/1/2016] Perry Matthews Next to Sergio Busquets as one of life’s most underrated greatness
[10:49, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: ???????

[10:50, 9/1/2016] Paul McKenzie: Yeah
[10:50, 9/1/2016] Frank Stephens: ??????
[10:51, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: This will never not be funny btw
[10:51, 9/1/2016] Rory Jackson: Perry you’re very funny
[10:51, 9/1/2016] Rory Jackson: You compared eating out to Busquets
[10:51, 9/1/2016] Rory Jackson: THAT’S SOOOOOOO FUNNY
[10:51, 9/1/2016] Travis Jacobs: Rory that’s what’s killing me


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