P Money Talks His Alter Ego, New Label and More

Apr 11 2017 BY Sidney Korboe

You’ll have heard of the shoobs that took place in Mangle on March 31st. You know, the one that saw a plethora of celebs and Grime fans step out in celebration of Sian Anderson’s debut album launch, Floor SIXX? The one that gifted a lengthy DJ set from YV Shells alongside performances from the likes of Capo Lee and P Money? The one that got sponsored by uncle Wray and Deezer? Yeah, that one.


We were fortunate enough to be in the dance to witness the good vibes in person; in the downtime we caught up with Grime OG P Money to speak his alter ego, new label, the changing scene and more.



Check out the full exchange below.


Bespoke: First of all, belated congrats on ‘Live and Direct’, it’s nice work! It’s been a long time coming though; why the long wait for a debut album from you? 


P Money: Multiple factors. Didn’t think the kind of album I wanted to do would be accepted at the time, Music wasn’t selling, Grime had a “Grimes dead” stigma around it at one point. I also felt I wanted to master my skills completely. It’s gotta feel right.



Bespoke: I hear you, makes sense. What’s the reaction been to the release then? Did you feel like you accomplished everything you needed to with the project?


P Money: Yeah man, I wanted to make an album you can listen to time and time again and still hear things you never heard the first or second time round; metaphors, punchlines, even certain things the instrumentals do. I wanted to make an album where your favourite track changes all the time. So far that’s the reaction and feedback I’ve got, so mission accomplished.


Bespoke: Let’s talk about alter egos; we’ve been dying to know more about yours. You introduced us to him on your remix of “Like Dem Man” with Pharoah. What’s Hyde all about? How does he differ from P Money.


P Money: When I was younger I used to mc with a Jamaican accent sometimes. People used to rate it. I had a tune with Doctor on like grime/bashment riddem – think I was like 19 at the time, but I didn’t do it for long. Then recently on my album I done a track called “Conspiracy don” where I touched on that style and people kept ringing me about it, everytime I saw some of my mc friends they’d say “Yo that flow thereeee fam”. I understand it won’t be everyones  cup of tea and some may not understand it at all so I thought why not make it an alter ego where you can still have normal P Money, but if you want that darker gully side of me you can also get Hyde. It’s fun too. I don’t mind people knowing it’s me but some people really don’t know [laughs]. For those that do know just go along with it, role play. It’s fun.



Bespoke: Tell us about the label. You’ve just launched Mandem Worldwide Recordings, what made you decide that that was the next step for you? 


P Money: Cause everyone is a snakey Pusssss….. nah I’m joking. Grime producers don’t get enough love and recognition so I made a label where I can help them, show them how to release properly and gain a bit of hype by working with me. Then they can take the knowledge and experience to do bigger and better. Without them we have no music so we must help them and not many do. Swifta made like 7 out of the most recent MASSIVE grime tracks but the average listener wouldn’t know him. In DnB and other genres you know the producer/DJ before the vocalist. I also just wanted a home where you can access all P Money music so why not have my own label.



Bespoke: And what’s the journey been like? Any obstacles along the way with getting Mandem Worldwide Recordings off the ground?


P Money: It was straight forward if we’re speaking in terms of making a label. Met with a lot people who already own labels seeking info etc, and spoke to ‘Ditto’ – a distribution company who distributed Stormzy, Lady Leeshur and a whole load of other successful artist I know. They showed me an offer they have where they can help set up the label for you, registration with companies house etc, plus have them distribute for you. They made it so easy I wish I met them years ago [laughs].


Bespoke: So what’s next for P Money, Hyde and Mandem Worldwide Recordings? 


P Money: From P Money: the last ever ‘Money Over Everyone’ mixtape and more albums. From Hyde: more music and features; from the label: my first Album project for Grime producer Filthy Gears.



Bespoke: Can we expect new music or signees anytime soon?


P Money: Yes of course man, I have a track called ‘Running’ on Filthy Gears Album set to come out soon, She knows on Sians Floor sixx Album out before summer and then mixtape in September/October. A load of features too man.


Bespoke: You’re on Reprezent now also, can we expect to see you step away from the mic and on to the decks in the future too? What was it that brought about the show?  


P Money: Yeah man I do wanna do something DJing wise, maybe some sound clashes. The first mc to merk mic and decks at his own live show or something, but really it was part of making a label man. Gives me an output, can show people new music as well as my music or my labels music.



Bespoke: You mentioned ‘Money over Everyone 3’ (M.O.E3) coming in the future. What’s the motivation behind it? Is M.O.E3 a mixtape or an album? or a Drake-style “playlist”?


P Money: Now that I’ve done my album I sense my creativity levels have gone up and I could hear and see the progress in my abilities from the first ever mixtape to the album now. I’d like to make the best MOE there is with these new levels.



Bespoke: When the new label material comes how important do you think the support of established music services such as Deezer is in pushing it and the genre forward into the future?


P Money: Any support is important. Especially if it comes at no cost. Deezer might grow to be one of the biggest platforms in the world so the fact they’re already working with Grime is great cause we can be there from the start and already have that strong presence and relationship with them.



Bespoke: How do you feel about the scene’s progression over the years?


Mate when I first started making music I didn’t think it would make us a penny didn’t know it could. The progression has been slow and tough but its picked pace and the most important thing is there IS progression.