Patty by Nature: Making Veganism Familiar

Mar 14 2018 BY Carla Coulson

This is Patty by Nature, PbN and just like a lot of startups, they consider themselves regular guys with a big dream. They’ve taken the iconic, traditional Jamaican patty and made a few twists to create a Jamaican vegan range. They use the freshest and tastiest ingredients, aiming to satisfy any self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, health conscious or not. Their premium signature pastries are ‘The Jack’, made with curried Jackfruit, ’The Island Girl’ stuffed with a sweet and spicy jerk plantain and lastly ‘Leave da’ fish’ which is PbN’s nod to the Jamaican national dish, minus the saltfish.


This is not just a business to Michael and Andre at PbN, they’ve been vegan for over a year now and their vegan journeys began with a lot of research and the infamous ‘Cowspiracy’ documentary somewhere along the way. This was all after being vegetarian for several years, therefore Michael and Andre feel they know the journey well, and aim to make food which is something to talk about amongst vegans and meat eaters alike. PbN insists that ‘good food is good food’.

Like many millennial’s, the guys at PbN live their 9-5 lives as well as following their passions alongside, with Michael graduating in law and Andre in Interior architecture and property development. Andre finds some overlap in comparing creating food to design, taking time, patience and creativity. And this was needed, when growing up in Jamaican households, surrounded by jerk chicken, pork, curried mutton and oxtail, it has taken the guys many years of experimenting with food and adding their own twists to classic dishes to create PbN.